Reviews about Perth Zoo

Summer Wilms

Reviewed on 6 Oct 2013

Wow! I was so impressed with this zoo. You get up really close with a wide variety of animals from around the world. They are all housed in beautiful, spacious enclosures with lots of enrichment for them to enjoy. Keepers give frequent educational talks and kids can take part in up-close encounters. There are also great playgrounds for the kiddies and wide,grassy spaces perfect for picnics. I was particularly excited about the Australian Bushlands exhibit, where kangaroo and wallabies roam freely and the walk through aviaries (great for photography). The African Savannah is very well done, as is the Asian rainforest. I will definitely be going back! The only disappointing thing was the idiots feeding the marmosets bits of hot dog right under the sign that said "Feeding the marmosets will make them ill and could kill them". Ugh!