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Reviews about Shilin Gorge


Reviewed on 15 Jul 2016

Write half (* ^ _ ^*) 3. On the basis of the above two routes, you can not take the cable car, tickets on the opposite side of the map, according to 1, 2 routes did not reach the cable car to cross the hillside so that the cable car can climb the whole mountain, do not take the cable car. The scenery is beautiful, mainly with water and small waterfalls. Although the amount of water can not be compared with the previous but rare water children like it very much! The scenery is very beautiful. It's not difficult to climb the mountain, but it takes physical strength to climb up the whole journey without taking the cable car. Both the cable car and the viewing platform have full tickets, which is a little expensive.

Shilin Gorge
Shilin Gorge
Shilin Gorge
Shilin Gorge
Shilin Gorge
Shilin Gorge

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Reviewed on 27 May 2016
Comments are a virtue. So we must seriously comment on every place we have visited. Shilin Gorge actually went there once two years ago. There was no UFO at that time, and it went in late autumn. No one goes on weekends. So I didn't play very much. I watched the excitement and went back to pick the apples. This time, it's really because of the UFO. Choose Friday, absolutely because of thinking that there are fewer people in the ordinary time __________ But the little brother who sells pancakes at the door said that there are many people here, but more people on weekends. From the car parking lot, there are many people in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. From the West Fourth Ring Road, starting at 6:50, we followed the navigation all the way. Zhongguancun was blocked for a while. We walked to the airport and then to Jingping, where we arrived at more than 9 o'clock. The toll is 35 yuan. Ticket field 78, group purchase 68, children's old age certificate half price, disability certificate retirement certificate, etc. free of charge. An old man said angrily that he earned so much money from his retirement. Why should he give them free ___________ There are two windows to exchange online tickets. There are two cableways, but there is no connection. I understand it's on both sides of the mountain. One is called Dragon King or something. It's half way up the hill. It can go straight to UFO. There are some landscapes on the way from the bottom of the mountain to the ropeway. However, many people follow the upward trend, there is no time and energy to take pictures. The most tiring thing to do is to go through a high and steep step. The other is a ropeway called Ruyi, which can sit very close to the door, but the end of the ropeway is not close to UFO. And the road is steep... UFO is very good. The ticket is 10 yuan. I don't think it's expensive. The man who fears heights is supposed to be dead... When the wind blows, it's really a little shaky. Overlooking the beautiful scenery of Pinggu... And the air in the city is not good today, but the mountains are still blue sky and white clouds... I've been to the glass trestle in the Grand Canyon of Las Vegas, and nothing is allowed on it... In fact, I think this glass is solid, but it is also glass... With so many tourists, they accidentally drop their belongings and smash them into glass, which is also a big damage when they accumulate too much. We went there by the ropeway of Dragon King and came back by the ropeway of what we wanted. That's not bad. I've seen everything I can see. Not so tired... Finally, I want to say why can't we ban smoking and smoking!! Tourists smoke, and people who sell instant noodle stalls with mineral water smoke... (This man really shouldn't be a wild booth. There's a red Gu next to him who keeps order!) Really feel that public places should not have smoked, in this mountain should be prohibited smoking. After all, fire prevention in front of the mountain forest is a big event!
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