Reviews about St. Michan's Church

Joe LaLonde

Reviewed on 30 May 2014

The current St. Michan's is located on the site of a medieval church and while the current place of worship is rather ordinary, the real treasure is through the small doors on the sides. Below the current church are limestone crypts that can be seen through guided tours. While it's illegal to open the caskets of the deceased, a few were exposed by accident and are now on display, each with their own story. The oldest is believed to be the 800 year old remains of a crusader whose hand a visitor is supposed to "shake" (rub gently). I have heard some say that this is a retired practice because one of his index fingers is missing, believed to have been broke off by an overzealous shaker, however on my tour (first of the day on a weekday) there were only three of us, an older couple and myself, and we were allowed to do it if we cared to. So this might be at the discretion of the tour guide depending on the nature of the guests.