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Reviews about Twelve Apostles

Reviewed on 25 May 2020

十二門徒(The Twelve Apostles)是大洋路上面最著名的景點,位於Port Campbell National Park,是自然形成的石灰岩組合,目前只剩下七塊了。經由大洋路開到遊客中心,裏面停滿了車,都是來参觀這壯觀的岩石的,還可以選擇乘坐直升機近距離體驗壯觀的大自然。從遊客中心進去,地下穿過大洋路,經過小道,到達觀景台,雖然那天下了雨,也擋不住人們的熱情。放眼望去,景色太美了,大自然的鬼斧神工盡收眼底,遠處的十二門徒岩交相輝映,水花拍岸,景色美不勝收,配上清爽的海風,好不愜意。雖然岩石沒有十二塊了,但是依然很美。在這裡能感受到大自然的偉大,對大自然產生敬畏之心,同時也很嫉妒澳洲這片被上帝眷顧的土地。雖然來此地要開很久的車,但是都是很值得的。


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Reviewed on 5 Jul 2017
The Twelve-disciple Stone Column is one of the most famous scenic spots on Ocean Road, located in Campbell Harbor National Park. When it was first discovered, thirteen huge stone pillars of different shapes stood amid the turbulent waves of the Antarctic Ocean, making it easy to associate with the twelve disciples who followed Jesus Christ in the Bible, hence the name "Twelve Disciples". The coast of this area is sandstone structure, yellow sandstone. It seems that the yellow sandstone used in Melbourne Railway Station is similar to this material. After thousands of years of wind and wave impact, the sandstone structure coast will form breaks and voids. In fact, the so-called stone arch ARCH in this area is formed by thousands of years of wind and wave impact, and then suddenly breaks down on a certain day, and then forms an independent rock, which may eventually form this spectacular scene of twelve disciples. Just like the London Bridge, which was suddenly broken, the coast that was connected suddenly broke off in one year. It may be less and less impacted by the wind and waves after many years, and finally became a big rock. The twelve disciples were originally a coastal landscape consisting of exactly twelve separate rocks, so they were named after the story of the twelve disciples of Jesus in the Bible. However, after so many years of wind, rain and corrosion of nature, there are only six rocks left, which may continue to decrease, so we should hurry to see them. But according to the principle of natural weathering and fracture of the coast, it seems that in the next ten thousand years there will be the possibility of forming a new twelve disciples.
Reviewed on 14 Mar 2017
Starting from Autway, we passed through Grenale, then up Lavers Hill, where the fog shrouded like a fairyland and continued north through Grenale for about 5 kilometres, bypassing Red Johanna, where dense forests and blue coastlines loomed in sight and were beautiful. This beach is Johanna Beach, which has a reputation outside, and continues to march into narrow and lush cliffs. The highway crosses the coastal cliffs of Princetown Town and Peterborough to Campbell Harbor National Park, the famous 12-disciple Rock. Campbell Harbor National Park has a large parking lot. It passes through a bridge hole and then walks along the plank road for five minutes to the Twelve Apostles Rock. The Twelve Apostles Rock was first formed at the bottom of the sea. It was a heap of rocks left behind by a retreating headland in the sea. After a long period of erosion by sea water and sea breeze, it corroded caves. Now only seven of the Twelve Apostles have been seen. In a few years, nature will destroy these sceneries in the same way. These rocks, carved like human faces by nature, stand alone in the sea in various shapes. It is said that the tallest disciple is 45 meters tall. Helicopters are the best choice for close viewing. They circle over rocks from different angles for 10 minutes, including 12 disciples rock, LochArd Gorge, Sentinel Rock and Port Campbell. They also send a DVD for $145. Helicopters are right behind the parking lot of the observation deck. Generally, it takes three to four days to appreciate the scenic spots along the Ocean Road. There is a classic route along the Ocean Road on foot, starting from the Bay of Apollo and reaching the Twelve-disciple Rock all the way. There are also 8-day long-distance routes, which require some perseverance. Transportation: About 5 kilometers north along Grenale, through Johanna Beach, to Twelve Apostles. Scenic spots: Gibson ladder beach, Rockard Canyon, Port Campbell, beach, cliff, sea water are all different enjoyments, the seaside wind is strong, it is recommended to carry clothes windproof. Activities: There's a hiking trail on a coastal cliff near the parking lot cafe. It's a good choice to walk to wreckBeach. Food: Have a cup of coffee in the picturesque town of Princetown or a fresh and delicious seafood meal in the seaside town of Apollo Bay. The nearest restaurant is the cafe in the parking lot. The pastries are good. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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