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Reviews about Windsor Castle

Reviewed on 29 May 2020

非常值得去的景點,到了倫敦不去一定會遺憾的。溫莎古堡位於英國倫敦以西32公里的溫莎鎮,是英國王室的行宮之一,英國最大的古堡。它之所以盛名遠播,完全是因英王愛德華八世為其所愛的人而毅然放棄了王位所致,“不愛江山愛美人”的故事傳誦千古。 英國三大堡,是倫敦白金漢宮堡、溫莎城堡、愛丁堡荷里活女王行宮堡。這三個城堡都是現在女王實際上會居住和舉辦公眾和私人活動的地方。而溫莎城堡是世界上現存的有人居住的城堡中最大的一個,據說是女王最喜歡的住所。城堡宏偉又漂亮,室內奢華精美,但不允許拍照,門票包括講解器,有中文的。在排隊等待入內参觀時看到液晶電視滾動播放的城堡圖片,色彩和清晰度真是美極了。進口處的安檢很嚴格,外套都要脫的。


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Reviewed on 2 May 2018
There are many trips to Windsor, half an hour, so just buy tickets on the spot. London Pass is a free train ride to Windsor. Like Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle is open only in the absence of the Queen. London Pass can avoid queuing, but it was unexpected that because everyone bought London Pass, the people holding London Pass lined up in a long queue, while few people bought tickets on the spot, instead of queuing, they could get in immediately. Why did everyone write before that "Longdon Pass can take the fast lane, can avoid queuing", no one mentioned that in fact, it is still queuing, so we should learn from my lessons and predict the queuing time in advance. After an hour's queue, he finally entered the castle. Now the castle can be visited outside, including The State Apartments, Queen Mary s Doll s House (Queen Mary's Doll House), St George & s Chapel (St. George's Chapel). But you can't take pictures inside the castle, so you can only take pictures outside. Vienna's Meiquan Palace can not be photographed, so here, I would like to praise the French Palace of Versailles once again, or the French atmosphere, photos taken casually. The dining halls of kings and queens, studios, ballrooms, auditoriums and living rooms are famous for collecting royal paintings and treasures; Waterloo Hall was built to celebrate the victory of the Battle of Waterloo, with portraits of British generals who had won the battle neutrally in Waterloo on the walls, and the portraits of the great Duke of Wellington, of course, are in the most striking legitimacy; the walls and roofs of the Grand Knights Hall are covered with houses. There are Knight badges, even knights who are considered traitors, except that their badges become pure white. The silver armor Henry VIII wore was also displayed in the innermost cabin of the Grand Knight's Hall. The National Banquet Hall is a collection of Leonardo Da Vinci, Rafael, Michelangelo and other famous masterpieces and exquisite porcelain. The Garde Hall is used to honour the Garde Knight. One of the most interesting is undoubtedly Queen Mary's Doll House (queen Mary s Dolls house), which is also the daughter's favorite. The doll house, built in 1924, was once Queen Mary's personal toy and a birthday gift. It is actually a miniature model of a British Royal palace, replicating all the furnishings in the palace in proportion to the original, plus a garden. Inside are 750 pieces of art, spanning the Victorian period to the pre-Raphaelian style. The most amazing thing is that the power and drainage system in the doll house should be complete, with hot and cold water flowing through the pipeline into the kitchen sink. Soap by the kitchen sink, silver tableware and sauce on the dining table are reduced proportionally, and even brands are on it. After coming out from the National City Hall and the Doll's House, I will pass through the entrance of the moat garden and enter the city where I need to buy additional tickets. I forget how much it is. It seems like 3,4 pounds or so. I think it's still worth going in. It's beautiful. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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