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Important Religious Institutions in Rio de Janeiro

Christ the Redeemer
314 Reviews
Rio de Janeiro
4.1km from downtown
"The statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro (the statue of Christ in Salvation, Portuguese: Cristo Redentor) is also called the statue of Christ in Brazil. It is a large statue of Christ in the Art Deco style. It is located on Monte Cristo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is the symbol of the city and one of the most famous monumental sculptures in the world. It was built in 1931, 38 meters high, 1,145 tons, and 23 meters between the fingers of the right and left hands. Jesus Christ, in a robe and with his arms flat, looked down on the beautiful panorama of Rio de Janeiro, heralding the spirit of fraternity and the praise for independence. Jesus looked like a blue-boomed Atlantic Ocean, with open arms looking out from afar like a huge cross, solemn and dignified. The figure of Jesus Christ is one with the mountains, and some clouds float between the peaks, making Jesus appear more mysterious and holy. The huge statue of Jesus, built on the top of this high mountain, is visible from most of the city, day and night, and is the most famous symbol of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's famous city."

Reasons to Recommend: Located on the east side of the Chijuca National Forest, Jesus Mountain was built to commemorate the success of the Brazilian independence movement. From a distance, it seems to welcome and embrace people coming to Brazil. When the weather is fine during the day, you can see the image of Jesus in any corner of Rio. When the night falls, the white light on the image of Jesus will match the urban landscape of the mountain, which is psychedelic and solemn.

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Rio de Janeiro Cathedral
185 Reviews
Rio de Janeiro
1.4km from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"Located on the top of Tibidabo, the highest place in Barcelona is known as the "chapel closest to the sky" which is extremely sacred and compelling ⑤ Anyone who comes here to visit will come here to enjoy it and it is still "Midnight Barcelona" Viewing Lands 4 • About Time 11:00-18:00 (Stop Admission Time: 17:40) Reference About Ticket Free (Free Hot Top Need 4 Euros) Reference About Traffic Taken in Catalonia Square by S1/S2 Line Meng in Peu del Funicular Get off and No Turn FV Take Three Go Right Take 111 Road to Terminal Bidabo Mountain Playground Zero ◎ About playing the top of the cable car down to the amusement park next to the church, coal is like a small fairy tale world, especially dreamy! Tips: It is recommended to go to the top of the church! ! It will be very regrettable to miss it! ! Standing on the top overlooking the Mediterranean < overlooking the entire Barcelona fish if waiting for the sunset here, it definitely contracts for the whole city"

Reasons to Recommend: Rio de Janeiro Cathedral is a church that differs from the traditional concept of Rio de Janeiro. Unlike the old and elegant churches in Europe, the entire church can hardly find any elements the belong to the church. It is a modern building with a reinforced concrete structure. There is a cross at the top of the tower. It is this simple cross that seems to confirm the identity of the church.

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Church of Our Lady of the Candelaria
22 Reviews
Rio de Janeiro
2.5km from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"The Candelaria Church in Rio de Janeiro is an old church with a history of more than 300 years. It was built during the Spanish colonial period and has an obvious Spanish church style. The decoration inside is also very noble. It is a famous church in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it is worth visiting."
Mosteiro de Sao Bento
16 Reviews
Rio de Janeiro
2.9km from downtown
Historical Architecture
Historical Site
"There are many archaeological buildings in Rio de Janeiro. Many of them were built by foreigners in Brazil. They are full of exotic styles and characteristics. This monastery is quite interesting. You can see a lot of hot art structures here. The environment is very quiet, free to visit. [Scenery] The scenery is beautiful [Interest] Very interesting"
Palacio Guanabara
24 Reviews
Rio de Janeiro
1.9km from downtown
Historical Architecture
"The Guanabarra Palace is a huge permanent palace. The entire palace is very special. You can see many unique artistic achievements here. This building is also quite fun, with many unique scenic spots. You can visit. [Scenery] The scenery here is beautiful [Interest] Very interesting"
X Park
5 Reviews
Rio de Janeiro
21.3km from downtown
City Park
"There are cafes and craft shops everywhere, small bars, and backpackers chatting here"