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Rothenburg ob der Tauber
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Things To Do in Rothenburg ob der Ta

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卡卡罗特Rothenburg’s most famous legend is that in 1631, when the Holy Roman Empire was at sunset, the confrontation of various forces made the empire face a situation of disintegration. The Reformation movement triggered a war between the old and the new sects, representing the Catholic Royal Swedish The army occupied Rothenburg after paying a heavy price and planned to destroy Rothenburg. General Tilly, the leader of the Catholic Legion, declared that if someone could drink 5 liters of wine, they could save Rothenburg. As a result, the mayor of Rothenburg Nush drank the wine and spared the people of this small town and the town. The disaster of extinction, and the mayor who slept for three days and three nights after drinking naturally became a hero in people's hearts. There are still puppets of General Tilly and Mayor Nush on the gable of the Senator Hotel, and they are performing stories about drinking and saving the city every day.
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138***96It is worth a visit. It is best to live in the city. You can walk slowly around the city before sunrise or at dusk or on a sunny or rainy day, alone or with your loved one. It’s better to make an appointment in advance for an online celebrity meal at a vampire restaurant, and if you don’t make an appointment, you don’t get discouraged. After all, there are many delicious restaurants here.
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suifeng2019Due to the weather, there are very few people in the castle garden, and I met a star man who walked with his owner. In Germany, dogs are really family members, and they can stay in hotels and enter restaurants with their owners.
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suifeng2019The Church of St. James in Rothenburg was built in the 14th century. The church houses the Holy Blood Altar, depicting the scene of the "Last Supper", and it is said that the last drop of the Holy Blood of Jesus is enshrined.
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猫猫在旅行The Medieval Penalty Museum in Rothenburg is a legal museum. There are various terrifying instruments of torture in the Middle Ages, such as the torture chair, the iron maiden, and the axe used for beheading. Many instruments of torture are quite scary, and there are many related paintings and calligraphy. There are also many precious legal books and trial documents, as well as many seals. Through the visit, everyone can learn about the judicial development in the nineteenth century in the Middle Ages.
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林荫大道水至清This white building is really conspicuous. It stands next to the city hall and faces the market of Zhenluoten Fort. There is an art clock on the outer wall of the building. It is said that there is a puppet show on the hour in the old city. The legendary story of "one drink determines the universe", it seems that to be a hero, you must have a good drink. I am ashamed that I do not have this courage. Now the first floor is the information of tourism.

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