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Things To Do in Rudesheim

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梦醒Rüdesheim, Germany, Thrush Alley is very clean, a very beautiful place, a lot of tourists, a variety of snacks, a lot of anniversaries, suitable for shopping here is the world famous white wine production area, friends who like it must be Try the Rhine River next to it, it is recommended to take pictures
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zha***ngNiederwald Monument: Also known as the "Imperial Monument", it is located on the hillside of the vineyard to the northwest of Rudesheim, commemorating the establishment of the German Empire in 1871. At the top of the monument is the goddess Germania, a symbol of the German Empire. She held a sword in her left hand, held the imperial crown high in her right, and wore a crown of oak leaves that symbolized victory and glory. Below the goddess is the German Eagle, and around it are the emblems of the 22 city-states of the German Empire at that time.
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cliviawingleeIn a wine town on the Rhine River, the house is built on the hill, and in front of it is the vineyard of the house. There are mountains and green water, which are pleasing to the eye. The cruise can see the ancient castles along the coast, some are named, some are not named, some are fully reserved and available for visit (recommended Rheinstein Burg), and some are dilapidated. Also, must come to taste the local white wine. The various buildings in the ancient city area are very distinctive. If you stay for one night, the per capita room rate of the Samsung Hotel in peak season is about 400, so you can experience the tranquility without tourists in the early morning.
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godknowsThe Music Box Museum is only a few steps away from Thrush Bird Lane. The museum houses music boxes from all over the world. It is said that these antique toys can automatically play music. There is also an automatic playing machine that is very complex and very large in the world. The melodious ancient bells, to the magnificent symphony player aluminum piano and pipe horns, are beautiful and pleasant, comparable to symphony
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fz570628Rüdesheim has become one of the top ten must-visit attractions in Germany. The leisurely town life is as pure and clean as ice grapes covered in dew before the first rays of sunlight. The bigger reason is that this is the main producing area of the king of white wine-"Riesling". Authentic tourists in the world will not easily miss such an opportunity. Therefore, the sixth or seventh place in the small town is full of bars and hotels.
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Geological Sites
coo***anLorelai is a small town dominated by idyllic scenery like a paradise. It is more like a large garden with rich vegetation and good greenery. It is worth a visit! [Scenery] The scenery is great! It is said that the four seasons are different, and the scenery is different in different flowering seasons~ [Fun] The wild fun is full of vitality and vitality! [Value for money] It's free...

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Niederwald MonumentRheingau-Taunus-Kreis,Germany

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Mittelalterliches FoltermuseumRheingau-Taunus-Kreis,Germany

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Asbach Visitors CenterRheingau-Taunus-Kreis,Germany

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Adlerwarte NiederwaldRheingau-Taunus-Kreis,Germany

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