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Things To Do in Rudong

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1113wxlThere are hot springs, a children’s playground, and seafood. It’s very good. The children don’t want to leave when they play in the park. Fortunately, they are close to home and bring children when they are free. There is also a large paddling pool, which can be used by adults and children.
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悠然上路The oversized clam beach is endless. Getting there is not long after the low tide, it is not a beach but a tidal flat. It is difficult to walk on the tidal flat at low tide. It will sink a lot in one step, but it is also very happy! Stepped on a lot of clams, which is really a good place for people who have lived in the city for a long time. Next time I go to wear a short punch, the mud stained with marks is difficult to wash off.
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快乐的紫馨Xiaoyangkou is a port in Rudong County. Close to the sea and rich in resources, there are patches of windmills, and each windmill controls its speed according to the wind direction. Yuanwang windmill is like a paper windmill that I played when I was a child, spinning quickly with the wind. When I came to the windmill, I felt different. The huge blades towered above my head. A blade was tens of meters long. It didn't turn fast, but it was already a "whoop" sound, which was shocking. The aquatic resources are rich, and all seafood is caught and sold now, and they are all wild and not farmed. On weekends in your spare time, at the beach, with the sea breeze and eating the freshest seafood, the beauty of life is nothing but that! 😄
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tt梦幻小妖Said to be a water park, it is actually a lake, surrounded by residential areas. Spring is here, just as the magnolia petals are falling, the magnolia flowers on the tree have begun to turn yellow. It seems that we should come here earlier
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_We***63The hotel has a very good environment, surrounded by lakes, friendly front desk service, clean and tidy rooms, good hot springs, swimming pools, and gyms. You can run around the hotel in the morning. The breakfast is also good and the taste is moderate. There is a Xiaoyangkou sub-scenic area nearby, which is also a good place to play, great!
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Sissi帶你看世界🏕 No winter can not pass the Langshan Mountain in the southern suburb of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. It is a famous natural scenic spot. It consists of Langshan, Maanshan, Huangnishan, Jianshan and Junshan. It is adjacent to the Yangtze River and mountains and waters in the west, and is commonly known as Wushan. Langshan is located in the middle, 106.94 meters above sea level, the most precipitous and high-level show, many cultural relics and historical sites, other four mountains such as the stars of the arch moon, Langshan became the first of five mountains. Chinese name: Langshan Scenic Area Location: West side of Jinghai Commercial Street, Nantong City Open Time: All year (North Gate) 07:30-16:30; All year (other entrance) 08:30-16:30 Attraction Level: AAAA Level Ticket Price: 50 yuan (off season) 70 yuan (high season) According to legend, the wolf mountain once lived on it, and it is named because the mountain is like a wolf. During the Suihua Year of the Northern Song Dynasty (990~994), Yang Qi, a state-run animal husbandry, felt that the name of the Langshan was not elegant, then changed the Langshan to Lushan, and then because the rocks on the mountain were purple, so later called the Zijingshan, Nantong City has also got the elegant nickname of "Zijing". Wangshan was in the Yangtze River, the Tang Dynasty's high priest Jianzhen third east crossing Japan in the Wolf Mountain to shelter the wind, the Northern Song Dynasty Wolf Mountain and land rise. Since the Song Dynasty to Qing Dynasty built a temple temple tower, the general name of the Guangjiao Temple. In Buddhism, Langshan was the first of the eight small Buddhist mountains in China. Catholics built churches at the northern foot of Langshan Mountain at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, which was called the "Langshan Lude Cathedral." In 1930s, the Roman Holy See issued several books to grant "All Amnesty" to make Wolf Mountain one of the 12 major pilgrimages of Chinese Catholicism, and it has a high religious status and influence in the Far East. Luo is one of the famous poets of the "first Tang Dynasty", who joined the Yangzhou assassination history of Xu Jingye to fight against Wu Zetian, and exiled to Nantong after defeat. Locke tomb is parallel to the south song national hero Wen Tianxiang's staff, Jin Ying and Qing "Gozan Quanzhi" compiler Liu Nanyue tomb, three tombs on the Korean patriotic poet Jin Lijiang tomb. Langshan south Changbei, north to the mountain as a screen and garden, cliff steep wall inscription, titled slope. The cliffs in the garden are the streams of the river, the western water is a huge stone, the famous modern calligrapher Wu Changshuo is entitled "Dazhao Rocky Stone". Up to now, there are still buildings such as "Zhaohui Shenxiu Building", "Linxi Jingshe" and "Yumei Building" built by Zhang Chun. There are scenic spots such as matsuzakakaku, kaizuki rock, kasuiwa, sunset cave, senjin cave, and kangyoizumi.

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Rudong County is a county town in Nantong City, located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province and north of the Yangtze River Delta. It borders the southern Yellow Sea to the east and north, Rugao City to the west, and Tongzhou City to the south. Rudong County is rich in offshore resources and has more than 50 kinds of shallow-water shellfish. Local tourism in Rudong County revolves around the marine scenery and seafood delicacies. The “Sea Disco” and “Air Symphony” are famous local tourism projects.

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