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Shell Beach

Shell Beach

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"The whole world is incomparably blue-Gustavia Shell Beach Gustavia is a small island in France, and it is also a more famous island in the Caribbean. Although there are not many people on the island, she contains many surprises-silver beaches, sailing harbors, various shops, hotels and so on. This is a society with simple folk customs, no hustle and bustle in the city, no crowded people, but no worse development than the city. Here you can put aside the hurrying city life, forget the pressure of society on you, and experience the life you yearn for. What impressed me the most was Shell Beach. The wide variety of shells is not only a feature of her. It is set against the blue water and the blue sky, making it an extremely blue world. Let everyone immerse in it. Travel experience will be more expensive on the island, but when I really approach these attractions, I think everything is worth it. Like me, you can choose to stroll on the island first, visit the market to feel the local folk customs, and arrive at Shell Beach a little later to watch the sunset. The first impression of Shell Beach is clean, because she is really blue, and it is even more blue against the sky, giving people a very pure and bright feeling, and it looks very comfortable. There are really many shells on the beach, all kinds of shells, you can pick up a few without putting them on purpose. The overall feeling is very quiet and beautiful. If you like the beach as much as I do, you will love it too. Warm reminder that the shells are hard, so wear good shoes on the beach. Compared with other journeys, the price of the whole journey will be a little higher, and the budget needs to be a little more."
Brimstone Hill FortressNearby City

Brimstone Hill Fortress

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"National Park"
Open from 9:30am-5:30pm (Local time)
"The guarding hero by the sea came to the Sulphur Rock Mountain Park for the first time. It gave me too much shock. The tall city walls, with iron cannons standing on the city walls, and there are iron cannons on every city wall. The appearance of multiple iron cannons is really amazing. The original guarding scene is like this. You can take pictures here, which is particularly shocking. Moreover, the city wall is very high, and you can see the guardian of the copper wall and iron wall far away. The city wall looks very heavy at first glance. I don’t know how much manpower, material resources and years have been spent to build this protective wall. Looking up from below, the city wall is very tall and feels safe. The city wall has many doors, and some Many cannon barrels are particularly spectacular. The door under the city wall is suitable for taking pictures. Iron cannons. There are many iron cannons on this side. The barrels are very thick and stand on the city wall. It is difficult to imagine the power it can erupt, and there are dozens of cannons. The barrels fired at the same time, it was so shocking. The barrels parked there are a kind of shock. The barrels have been a long time, and there are traces of history left on them. Travel strategy: You can take the bus. Food: You can take food. Time to come: One to two hours Location: The door under the city wall is best for taking pictures"