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"The last stop before leaving The Hague, I decided to come to Scheveningen Beach to have a look. It's a pity that the gods are not beautiful. It rained for both days in The Hague. It was gloomy, and the beach was gray and not particularly beautiful. But looking at the photos during the peak season, they are still very beautiful, if you have the opportunity, you still have to come and go again~ Transportation: You can take a bus from the city of The Hague to the beach in about ten minutes~ I came here by car. There is a public parking lot near the beach. It is quite convenient~ Tickets: The beach is a public open area, no tickets are required, it's free! If it’s surrounding entertainment facilities or catering, just pay extra Recommended reason: Scheveningen Beach is a famous seaside resort in The Hague and even in the Netherlands~ The locals like to go to the beach to sunbathe on weekends, have afternoon tea and so on, I feel that the day is very comfortable and cozy. There are luxury hotels, tours, and many other entertainment facilities near the beach. There is also an aquarium nearby, where you can bring your kids to play together~ When I went there, it was gray and the water didn't feel particularly blue. Maybe I have seen the contrast of Nice Côte d’Azur before, so the beach did not attract me very much. But there are many bronze figures on the beach, it feels so cute! And the design is very unique~ the copper-cast small fishes, shrimps, sea turtles and villains, I feel that they are telling stories about the seaside~ It’s awesome! Best play time: It is better to come when the sun is good~"