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The American arches
U.S. Utah's sign arches are called exquisite arches, and the natural arches are more spectacular than the Mesa arches. They are an independent door standing on the rock. Want to see the shock of the arch here, you must climb the mountain for more than an hour to arrive, we set off at 6 in the morning, in order to catch the beautiful arches sunrise. When you see the spectacular morning sun just rising, everything is worth it.
Posted: 22 Jun 2019
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Salt Lake City,Recommendations
Salt Lake City,Recommendations
Town of Jackson
A small town made of antlers Hearing "Jackson", I can't help but think of the famous singer. We traveled to this small town with the same surname in the depths of the Rocky Mountains. It is a beautiful and lovely place. A small town of cowboy culture in the American West. The most eye-catching town is the antler park in the middle of the cross street it is named after the four arches at the four corners of the park. They are not made of wood, stone or brick, but with a large elk. The corners were built - built in 1960 and sharing 7,500 antlers. These antlers are not the result of killing. Instead, a large number of elks come to Jacksons National Elk Conservation Area from the mountains every winter for the winter. The spring antlers naturally fall off and renew, and after the elk leaves, they leave behind the treasures. Jackson Town is suitable for travel all year round, with the best scenery in summer and autumn; skiing in winter, the first-class continuous vertical and longest snow slope ski resort in the United States, but the weather is very cold. Jackson Town is the gateway to Yellowstone Park. After seeing the natural beauty of the National Park, it is a good choice to choose a small evening in this culturally friendly town. On that day, when the sunset is reflected in the antlers of the street heart park, you are sitting under the statue of "Marlboro" riding cowboy, staring at the opposite store hanging a window garland made of antlers and a high mountain trail. Recalling the scenes in the TV series "Huangshi", I suddenly did not know what year and month?
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Salt Lake City,Recommendations
Comes to the Lantern Festival in Salt Lake City.
Salt Lake City,Recommendations
Ticket-free Salt Lake City "Palace" European and American countries to travel with the group, arrange to see the buildings are mostly churches, and in the Yellowstone Park, the only place to go to Salt Lake City has another style of architectural attractions - Utah's government parliament building. The shape of this palace-like building is very similar to that of the Washington Capitol, so it is quite famous and has become a regular project for Chinese teams to arrange excursions. The Parliament Building has been the surface of Utah for nearly a century, and was listed in the National History List in 1978. Thousands of tourists visit it every year. Looking over the huge square, the top of the building is a Byzantine dome, dazzling under the sun. The interior of the building is more splendid, finely carved, with marble escalators and columns, with luxurious lighting and huge oil paintings; the walls are polished marble, spliced with a rare pattern of symmetry; the hallway displays characters related to Utah history Statues and architectural models are like a museum. The ceiling is painted with exquisite murals. On the second floor is the frantic murals that worked hard in the past, and I am always carrying out an ideological education that never forgets my heart. There are countless statues of intricate figures standing in the building, and the "Brigham Young" gold statue of the forward arm is lifelike and very eye-catching. Because Utah is aliased to Hive State, there is a sculpture of a bronze hive in the prominent step of the front staircase of the Parliament Building. Two small worker bees are still parked on the hive. The motto of Utah is under the sculpture. English INDUSTRY ( Industry)", suddenly felt that here a hundred years ago, I was calling for "artisan spirit", God!
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Salt Lake City,Recommendations
Salt Lake City
captured happiness
Salt Lake City,Recommendations
The artificial colorful Danxia of the Big Copper Mine passed through Salt Lake City when entering Yellowstone. A large chimney stood at the foot of the Great Salt Lake overlooking the mountain. The tour guide said that the chimney is higher than the Empire State Building in New York. It was a large copper smelter in Salt Lake City; when I visited the Utah Parliament, I heard that the Byzantine domes of the buildings were all cast from the mine. It was just this time that Huangshis tour with the group had ended. There was a half-day waiting time for a cruise to Seattle. I decided to charter a large copper mine and come to a rare factory tour. Bingham Canyon Mine, Bingham Canyon Mine is the world's first and largest open pit copper mine. When it was mined in 1906, it was still a mountain. Over 100 years, it has excavated 6 billion tons of ore, not only extracting a large amount of copper, but also extracting a considerable amount of gold, silver and molybdenum. Now the original mountain has disappeared. Instead, it is a huge spiral pit with a depth of 1200 meters and a width of 4,000 meters. This 7.7 square kilometers of barren land has become the "richest pit in the world". It is amazing that this is one of the man-made landscapes visible in outer space. The Bingham Mine has become one of Utah's tourist attractions. The Big Copper Mine has a two-story house with a high-loading 320-tonne loader. One bucket can hold 55 tons of ore, and countless ore is excavated and processed every day. But what is unexpected is that it has become a model of environmental protection.
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