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Palomino Island

Palomino Island

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"Dream Island [I first arrived in the dream island] This time I came to [San Juan] with my friends full of longing. The seniors who have been here all said it is the place of dreams, so I just press it on the plane. I couldn't help feeling excited. When I approached the island, the sea was clear and blue, which gave me a dreamlike feeling. When I approached the island, I was attracted not far away, the shining water surface of the island, the golden beach, the dense coconut forest, etc. [One-day trip around the island] I entered the seabed and felt like a new one The gate of the world. When I dived in, I felt like a fish freely. This activity is really memorable and there is no need to worry about safety issues. There will be staff accompany you. It is particularly suitable for taking pictures. Anything to shoot is a top blockbuster, as long as the venue is beautiful enough. I feel that I spend my entire time taking beautiful photos. Go to the beach, soft, very comfortable, don't forget to sunscreen. The island can also be [climbing]. It is abundant all day long, and there are dense tropical jungles waiting for us to explore. The coconuts here are very large and there are a lot of flesh, so you must taste it. [Fantasy Fluorescent Beach] The most important thing to come here is to swim in the Fluorescent Sea. At night, the coach took us on a boat on the sea. The sea breeze blew by and we were in the Milky Way. It was amazing. The night is very quiet. The stars in the sky and the quiet waves of the sea are also times when washing the city is noisy. Location Information: 1000 El Conquistador Ave Opening Hours: All day"