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"Malaysia-Recommended Honeymoon Spots for Couples Kuala Lumpur and Semporna have always been the favorites of tourists, so the last time I came here to check in is what I expected. We came here as a family, it really opened our eyes, so I I also recommend these fun places to everyone~Classic Theme Park-Sunway Theme Park Sunway Theme Park is a more classic place. It used to be a tin mine, so coming here is really special for our family Hopefully, we want to see what it looks like after the transformation. It is also very suitable for parent-child travel, and it is more suitable for honeymoon travel. You can come here with your lover and take some classic photos. It is really very interesting here. Unexpectedly, it has a lot of words, especially suitable for adults and children to come together, the facilities inside are particularly complete, the environment is also very good, here is a must-choice for the first honeymoon. Opening hours: 7:00~22:00 Suggested play time: 1~2 hours South Indian style-Mariamman Hindu Temple This is a typical South Indian style, so the scenery here is also very unique. Many young people now I like looking for this kind of old temple to take wedding photos, so it fits everyone’s aesthetics. The Mariamman goddess in the temple is also very delicate. It has many decorations, including gold, silver, and even emeralds, so come Taking a photo with her here is really hierarchical. It is highly recommended that you come here to check in on your honeymoon. It is really very exciting and sighing here. Welcome everyone to join. Opening hours: 7:00~19:00 Suggested play time: 1~2 hours Rose Hall-Rose Hall Rose Hall is really a place with many roses, it is really unique, so my family and I came here The viewing really did not disappoint us at all. There are many kinds of roses here, and we also took a lot of exquisite photos. It is very suitable for couples to come here to check in. It is really very romantic here, and full of rich romance everywhere. Breath, so I highly recommend everyone to come here to watch. If you are alone, remember to bring your own partner. It is also great to immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere here. Opening hours: 7:00-20:00 Suggested play time: 1-2 hours quiet and tranquil-Kuala Lumpur Central Park Kuala Lumpur Central Park is located in the city center of Kuala Lumpur. This is the most important park in Kuala Lumpur. It is very suitable for couples. Play here, because the environment here is particularly quiet and the air is good. When we came here, there were already many tourists here to check in, so this is really a classic place for dating, and dating here is also very unique. It is also very beautiful to visit the park here, so I strongly recommend everyone to come here to feel the unique atmosphere here. Opening hours: 7:00~20:00 Suggested play time: 1~2 hours Snorkeling resort-Big John scuba diving has a regulation here. You must get a diving certificate to dive, so I I got a diving certificate with my family and then dived. The water quality here is very good, so the scenery seen when diving into the water is really unique. There are many small fish underwater, colorful, and many more. The coral reef, so it is really suitable for couples to check in. If there is someone snorkeling with you underwater, it is really the most romantic, so I strongly recommend everyone to check in here. Opening hours: 7:00~19:00 Suggested play time: 1~2 hours. It’s really unique to come here. I really like this time, so I highly recommend it to everyone. You can see it here. There are many classic scenery, I highly recommend the big John scuba diving here, it is really fresh and beautiful, everyone is welcome to check in~"