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Rongshui Miao VillageNearby City

Rongshui Miao Village

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Ranked #5 in Rongshui Can't Miss Attractions
"➊ Tianliuzhou gathered to drive 2 hours to Rongshui County, after check-in, in the surrounding simple lunch, then set off the first of the eight scenes of Rongshui Laozi Mountain Scenic Area, it is said that Xu Xiake has also visited this tour, the magic is that the magnificent new Daxiong Temple and Tianwang Temple are built on the mountainside. On the cliffs carved 500 arhat sculptures in various shapes, the shouxing rock mouth, standing a 6-meter-high shouxing weng statue, here pilgrims, bells often ring, Sanskrit lingering, has become a well-known Buddhist resort. Even if you are not religious, it is a good leisure activity to come to this clean place and climb the mountain. ❷ After breakfast, I visited the famous anti-war model village of Yiyuyan Village. Now the battlefield smoke has retreated, but the Kangning Gate in Yiyuyantun still stands, as if to warn people: cherish peace, don't forget the history of the war. To the west cave of Longnvgou, two big water trucks have become a landscape here, the clear river water through the dam formed a small waterfall, such as the summer, the lotus blooming, picturesque scenery, let people relaxed and happy. Along the rugged mountain road, we came to the Miaoling terraces. There was a feeling of entering the peach blossom source. The golden rice waves were stacked in layers. I didn't expect that Guangxi had such a small beauty. I would never lose the Longji terraces. The air is particularly fresh here, this time it is very lucky, and I saw the rainbow on the terraces. The price of the local homestay is basically at more than 100 prices. We chose a Jingxiu Farm to live, the facilities are relatively new, the surrounding houses are unobstructed, and you can enjoy the whole terraces when you walk out of the balcony. After watching the farmers harvest rice, catch fish, roast fish in the afternoon, we are hungry for the special dinner arranged by the Yunjuzhu Residence, can't wait to taste the scorpion flower in the field, but the most memorable is the stinky peony, five-finger peach boiled forest chicken soup, It is said that this dish was once on CCTV columns, and it is well-known. To celebrate the joy of harvest, the diligent Yi people invited visitors to the stockade to attend the party. They dressed up in ethnic costumes and played reeds, sang mountain songs, danced bamboo poles and had a campfire in front of the drum tower. Into the dream when the mind also appears the Yi ethnic customs experience picture. ❸ Day: After breakfast, we visited the Red Army Pavilion and the Red Seven Army Museum in Rongdi Village, Sirong Township. In the year of the Baise Uprising, Deng Grandpa led the Red Seven Army twice over Miaoshan. In 2018, the exhibition hall was set up to record the period of the year, the red gene, and the revolutionary spirit. From Rongdi Village to Tiantang Miao Village is only half an hour drive, Miao people have always built a good ventilation performance of dry wood, called "hangjiaolou" . We visited the Dagu Science Museum here, and this is the first time I saw the Dagu so close, it is said that the Dagu's cry is very similar to the sound of children crying, so it is also called "doll fish". They generally live in caves and caves in the deep pools of the stream and river, and they eat fish, crustaceans, amphibians and small arthropods in the water. I would like to hear their "doll" sounds. ~ Tour the Dongzhai Scenic Area ends in the Tiantang Auto Camp after lunch and drive back to Liuzhou."