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Things To Do in Sapa

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MadameLeeThe northern part of Vietnam is different from the ancient towns and seaside scenery in the south. It seems like an independent world, with quiet mountains, magnificent terraces, and the reputation of "North Vietnam Alps". Sapa is the most charming tourist destination in the northern mountains. The most beautiful ecological wild luxury hotel in Sapa-Topas Ecolodge, staying here is definitely the best way to experience Sapa.
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遇见清酒Although it is a small town, it has a special flavor! Red River Valley 1987, Tongmenghui, China-Vietnam Bridge, meter-gauge railway, and exotic streets, etc., have a different look, snacks are everywhere! If you are interested, you can go to play, personally think it's not bad, walking along the river, very comfortable
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City | ​​landmark
境无界The estuary and the old streets of Vietnam are facing each other, and the port cities of the two countries are connected by mountains and rivers. The unique "two countries and one city" scene is full of vitality. The estuary port is the transportation hub of the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, Kunhe Highway, and Red River Channel. It is the most convenient land route from Yunnan Province and even the southwestern region to Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. The estuary of the border town under the curtain of night presents a different and charming scene. The Red River and Nanxi River are not only beautiful, but the night on the banks is more beautiful. Under the background of the lights, the mountains and waters, light and shadows on both sides of each other are beautiful and beautiful, becoming one. Beautiful city scenery!
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M38***83Take a bus from Laojie to Sapa for 30,000 per person! ! 50,000 taxis per person! The scenic spot is ok, there are many people, I went there in winter, there is no blooming flower sea, it is not as fun as summer, the scenic spot ticket is 70,000! ! ! Small train tickets start at 50,000! Scenic food is more expensive than old street! ! ! Prices are not cheap! Sapa is 2 kilometers to the scenic spot! ! 50,000 for a motorcycle, you can bargain for 300,000! It’s not easy to walk far by yourself!
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National Park
滇国剑客Dawei Mountain is also a little local influence, due to the change of the mountain itself, the mountain is densely wooded, for various animals specially provides a natural protection place, is also an ideal place to travel.
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滇国剑客Nanxi River Scenic Area is really a very good place, not only the scenery is unique, has the regional advantage, its green covering the overall environment, make it a favorite attraction.

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