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Kanton Sarajevo
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Things To Do in Sarajevo

Latin Bridge
44 Reviews
佟贝勒爷I was in Sarajevo on January 18, the 18th of the Last Today series. Sarajevo, the capital of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Chinese are familiar with her name but not with the city. In 1973, the film "Walter Defend Sarajevo" was released by the former Yugoslavia film studio, translated by Beijing film studio. The last one I talked about was the land that was under fire from 1914 until 1996 (and the interested partners can read the last one) and the place that opened the war was today I'm going to talk about - the Latin Bridge! The Latin bridge is located in the center of Sarajevo, and is a bridge built in 1799 in the mother river Miriac in Sarajevo, which is a tributary of the Bosnia River. On June 28, 1914, a young Serbian named Principe, dissatisfied with the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the northern end of the bridge, the historic Sarajevo Event. This incident also became the trigger of World War I. In the Socialist Federalist period of Yugoslavia, the so-called revolutionary spirit of the young man changed his name to Principe Bridge, and after the collapse of Yugoslavia, the historic bridge was restored. Now more than 200 years have passed, stone bridge still stands here silently witness the history and change of the city, still serve the city's people. The warm winter sun was shining on the turbulent Milliaz River, and the water was shining with gold. How hard it was for Sarajevo to be peaceful! How precious and precious peace is! And now, the people who are talking about war every day or are not always calling zhan shi status zhan zheng dealers thinking, you have not heard the story of "wolf coming" since childhood?! You should wake up, you should come here to see ...
Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque
16 Reviews
Historical Architecture
佟贝勒爷Today we're gonna start a new series, "Today Last Year." I was in Sarajevo last year today, the name Chinese are familiar with, because of an old movie (as if Chinese knew foreign countries only when China was not open, like North Africa Bourne knew Casablanca, Nile Debacle knew Cairo, etc.) The murder of the Orient Express is known to Istanbul and so on) and Sarajevo, which was filmed in 1973 by the former Yugoslavia Film Studios, translated by the Beijing Film Studios and introduced to the screen, was a time when a single vote was hard to find! If I ask you which country Casablanca is in, you may hesitate but I ask you which country Cairo is in, you must not hesitate to tell me - Egyptian capital! But I can guarantee that the vast majority of Chinese do not know which country Sarajevo is in, haha! Then I tell you she is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. What? You don't know where BiH is! Hahaha, you can hear me! BiH is the short name of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the whole country is the Republika Srpska of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the capital of Sarajevo. Geographically, she belongs to the southern European Balkan States, to the east to Serbia, and to the south to the Republic of Montenegro. She became a member of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1945 and declared independence in 1992. Sarajevo has been a place of war in history from 1914 to 1996, and strong people have grown up in the various wars of eighty years! Last year today was my fourth visit to this beautiful city surrounded by mountains, the winter city of Sarajevo was especially peaceful, and the worship of Muslims in the Grand Mosque was still on, where the film "Walter Defends Sarajevo" was filmed. So it's a must-see for the Chinese. The line "Walter asked me to send a message... This is the last time you and I have been together!" In the play, the Chinese of their parents' generation remember it. And young people like me who have not seen the film have revisited the classic by coming to Sarajevo! It was the city's unique charm that attracted me to visit again and again, and some said she was like Turkey because she had Turkish old streets and Turkish baths and many Turkish restaurants and mosques because she had been ruled by the Ottoman Empire for nearly 500 years. Others say that she is like Hungary because she was also an important city in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, there are also the Old City of Austro-Hungarian, and there are many Baroque and Roman style buildings and Gothic churches. But I don't think she is like anywhere. In my eyes she is Serrajevo! 🇧🇦
Yellow Bastion
15 Reviews
Observation Deck
freewangyongOverlooking the entire old city of Sarajevo, you must go to Huangbao to watch the sunset. I saw someone who proposed to Huangbao before. I didn’t see the proposal this time. However, there were wedding photographers who were very cooperative and gave the best position. give them. Walk from Coppersmith Street to see the Surbilee Fountain, cross the road, and go straight up when you see the uphill road. When you see the white cemetery, you can walk on both the left and right roads. The left is a bit farther. At the beginning, we went wrong. I went to the left and asked the locals that they could also walk. When I came down, I came down from the right. If you go early, you can have a cup of coffee and wait for a while at the restaurant on the side, which has a toilet.
Sarajevo City Hall
20 Reviews
Modern Architecture
佟贝勒爷The old town hall of Sarajevo, which stands out by the Miliaz River, is the most magnificent building built during the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Sarajevo and a symbol of world civilization. It was built in the Austrian = Hungarian Empire in 1892 and was combined with neoclassical and Andalusian style and was called pseudomol style. The structure is built in a symmetrical, geometrical combination of architecture from Andalusia, that is, in Morocco and Spain, and the columns are seen in the neoclassical shadows. This is because the Andalusian style became the "exotic" of the mainstream countries of Europe during that time, and this kind of meshing pseudo-Moorish style was born. The project of the old Sarajevo City Hall, which was overseen by Alexander Wittek, presented a pseudo-Moorish design that combined the perfect architectural style of the East and West. It has become the most important symbol of Sarajevo since it was first opened on 20 April 1896. It is the seat of the government of Sarajevo. It became the library of the National University of Bosnia and Herzegovina after World War II. From 25 to 26 August 1992, during the war of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the library of nearly 90 % was destroyed by shelling, and the building became one of the symbols of the siege of Sarajevo. The reconstruction of the building was carried out in 1996, and it was officially opened on 9 May 2014, and it is also European Day and fascism Day.
16 Reviews
Historical Site
佟贝勒爷I asked my local friends where the big bazaar is. He said it should be in the old city center of Bascasgar (near the border between the Turkish and Austro-Hungarian) that old Ottoman building called the Bag Old Bazaar, not the one you're talking about beside the Sebili Fountain at the entrance to the Turkish neighborhood of Bascasgar It is commonly known as "Coppersmith Street" here! Since we talk about Coppersmith Street, let's talk about it here! A friend who has been to Turkey must have felt like a cross back to Turkey once he arrived. Yes, the architecture and bronzes are the same as the craftsmanship of Turkey! The reason is simple because it was all left over from the Ottoman Empire, and some of the old craftsmen even spoke Turkish! The street is still most famous for Chinese tourists because of the famous part of the old Yugoslav film “Walter Defending Sarajevo” introduced in 1973 (no more plots, no friends who have never seen them can search online). The winter tourists are scarce, and wandering the old streets of Sarajevo is now gentle. But I, a foreign tourist, can only feel her heavy weight, see her beauty, but can not understand how the people here have been suffering from war! Let's talk about the people here. The old man in the hat waiting to buy pomegranate juice in Figure 10 is my friend. He's an old man. He's actually not that old. He's only 45. Today he came to accompany me shopping, suddenly he told me he wants to drink pomegranate juice and asked me to wait a minute, can I? I said OK! According to our Chinese custom, he will buy two glasses to buy me a drink, the result is not! We'll have lunch together. I'm not finished with the order. He's already ordered a beer. Drink it! Haha, if you according to the inherent Chinese thinking will think they are not enough meaning not enough brother ha, I come all the way to your hometown, you don't invite me to eat a big meal just that, a pomegranate juice a beer you eat a solo! Yes, they are, even eating together we are also AA system! Haha, but I am used to European people now, this is their way of life does not mean that he does not value you he does not love you! (17 years I was in a motorcycle accident in Madrid, Spain, and my toe fractured and went to the hospital with two local guys who were dying before and after helping me run, but they usually didn't even buy me a cup of coffee and a cigarette, haha) Maybe they're doing this AA to their own way of life, which is from the centuries of Ottoman rule? Because my native country friends are always like that, haha. I can't stand the first time I met them! I stumbled across a doll lamb in a shop window that had not opened (Figure 12), and I really wanted to buy it because it looked so sad and so firm that it struck me in an instant. That look seemed to express the desire of every Sarajevo people! That is to hope the world will never be fought! Always peace!
National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
4 Reviews
PollyPLEvery time I travel to a city I haven't been to, I like to go to the local museum, especially the national one. There is no better understanding of the local history than here... There is a large parking lot at the entrance of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Free parking is available. The entrance fee is 8 marks about 40 yuan per person. The entire museum is surrounded by four buildings with a central garden. Each building has a different theme, including nature, stone monuments, and simulated scenes Yes, but if you want to see the cultural relics, it is really pitiful, and it is good to go around, but if you want to spend time and are not interested in the museum, you can ignore it...

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Sarajevo 1425 days under the siege - War Tour
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National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
National Museum of Bosnia and HerzegovinaKanton Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Sarajevo City Hall
Sarajevo City HallKanton Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Museum Sarajevo 1878-191
Museum Sarajevo 1878-191Kanton Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Museum of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide 1992-1995
Museum of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide 1992-1995Kanton Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina

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SundaraKanton Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Sarajevo Meeting of Culture
Sarajevo Meeting of CultureKanton Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina

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