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Things To Do in Selcuk

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Historical Site
浩天5288Ephesus is the best preserved and largest open-air site in Turkey. The ancient city was built in the seventh century BC and was the capital of Asia Minor, Rome. There are baths, libraries, toilets, shops, houses, and an accompanying mega-market and open-air theatre. The whole old city is magnificent and magnificent. The streets are spacious and neat with beautifully carved stone columns on both sides, which is breathtaking. You can also see mosaic floors, made of small natural stones of different colors, which are very beautiful. Recommended index 5 stars, play time 4 hours. After the tour, there is also a famous Pamukkale nearby, don't miss it.
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陈之豪When I saw the small town of Xi Linjie on my travel itinerary, I didn't care about it. I thought it was a very ordinary town, and there shouldn't be much to look at. However, when we arrived in the small town of Xilinjie, we found that we were wrong. This small town, which has not been overly actinized, still maintains a kind of simplicity and nature. It's worth a visit. [Introduction to Attractions] Xilinjie Town is located in a beautiful town in the inland of the Aegean Sea in the south of Izmir. Here, you can admire the well-preserved Ottoman residential features. [Overall experience] Just arrived in the town, you will feel that this is a commercial town, full of goods. There are places selling fruit wines everywhere, but no matter which fruit hotel you walk into, the owner will enthusiastically bring out a variety of iced fruit wines for you to taste. Whether it is pomegranate, blueberry, or strawberry, it is astringent with a hint of sweetness, and it tastes great. If you are interested, you can also bring two bottles home. Continue to walk into the town, more and more exciting, more and more small town style. The town still maintains traditional folk customs. Due to its proximity to the Aegean Sea, olive oil and olive soap are abundant here. In general, this small town has primitive traditions, natural scenery, and orchards everywhere, and it is a good place to shop for bargains.
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Famous Residences
乖小咪The House of the Virgin Mary is a Christian holy place in Selcuk. It is the Virgin Mary who lived here for more than ten years after the death of Jesus. In the former residence, there are scenes of life that are said to be in front of the Virgin, which is very simple, but very sacred. If you are a Christian, you must come and worship here.
Nearby City
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fooler0809Although the library is relatively broken, but the main facade is preserved, so that we can see the original architectural skills, really very exquisite, the proportion is very good, very beautiful, and at the same time a sense of collapse at any time.
Nearby City
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Historical Site
fooler0809The Grand Theatre is the first construction project to be encountered after entering the south entrance and is the biggest and most shocking, standing in the last row, can clearly feel the slope design of the theater is really excellent.
Nearby City
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Historical Site
莲子99The remnants of this place are really pitiful, so no tickets were collected. There were only two vendors selling postcards at the door. There were no tourists walking in, only a huge pillar and faintly visible foundation.

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Isa Bey MosqueSelcuk,Turkey

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Byzantine AqueductSelcuk,Turkey

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Miletus Archaeological SiteSelcuk,Turkey

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Ayasuluk FortressSelcuk,Turkey

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Apollon TapınağıSelcuk,Turkey

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