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Fjadrargljufur CanyonNearby City

Fjadrargljufur Canyon

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"An Icelandic wonderland with a beautiful name-Fjadrargljufur Canyon The Internet celebrity canyon Fjadrargljufur Canyon, usually called "Feather River Canyon" in Chinese, is really a place that sounds "fairy". We listed this place early in our trip to Iceland Entered one of the must-see locations. It is said that this place quickly became popular because of a famous singer's MV shooting here. The scenic spot was even closed for a period of time and reopened, which is considered to be an Internet celebrity location. We drove here and found that there are still many tourists, but they are in order. It can be seen that the ecology here is well protected. The mountains are covered with a layer of green and the streams at the bottom of the canyon are also very clean. Walking trails have been built on the canyon. Some places require climbing, which is quite exhausting. However, there is a large viewing platform every section. The viewing platform is an excellent shooting location, and finally there is a waterfall from the canyon. Figures were revealed in the show, we raised our phones to commemorate.  The distance to play is long and the walking route of the canyon is about 2-3 kilometers, which is not long, but because of the beautiful scenery, we walked slowly to appreciate it. We walked all the way for about an hour or two.  About traffic The gorge is located in Kokbayaklaus in southern Iceland. There is a parking lot at the entrance, and there is another one a little further away, so there is no need to worry about parking congestion. It is very convenient to drive by yourself."