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Top Things to do In Semporna 2021



35 things to do found in Semporna
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Pom Pom Island

Pom Pom Island

4.6/5207 Reviews
Open all day (Local time)
"Pompom Island translates to Bang Bang Island in Chinese. It is located in the eastern part of Sabah, Malaysia. There is Sipadan Island, a world-famous diving center nearby. Tourists are not allowed to stay on Sipadan Island, and the number of people on the island is limited every day, even if it is the surrounding motor The number of people who can receive accommodation on the island of Kinkapalaibang is also limited every day. Take Bang Bang Island as an example. There are two resorts on the island, the Pom Pom Island Bang Bang Island Resort we booked and another celebes beach resort Celebes Resort. The conditions of Celebes Resort are relatively ordinary. The housing is the same as the ordinary bungalow suites on the seaside in Guangdong. The bungalows are about 17 or 8 square meters, with two beds and a small TV. The food is three or four meats per meal. , Vegetables, fruits, fresh water is not well filtered, drinking water and washing water have a slight salty taste. The places where tourists live on Bang Bang Island are divided into three types of rooms. Water house, beach house and garden house, the price of each room type is different, here is a brief introduction to the charging methods of nearby island resorts. There are five well-known islands developed near Semporna, Sipadan, Madang, Bangbang, Kapalai and Mabul. Among them, Sipadan Island is a world diving mecca. The number of people on the island is restricted every day, and tourists are not allowed to spend the night on the island. Among the other four islands, Madajon has no water houses, all built on land; Kapalai is a complete water house, currently there are 51; Bang Bang Island Resort has 5 water houses and several beach houses As well as the garden house, there is also a Celebes Resort on Bang Bang Island, the specific number of rooms is not clear; Mabul Island is more complicated, there are many resorts, there are beautiful and luxurious water houses, and some are very general At the same time, there are still some areas of the island inhabited by refugees and indigenous people from the Philippines. Those slightly better resorts are charged per person, with an average of 600-1500 per person per day, 50% off for children under 12 years old, 50% of the room rate for single occupancy, and a family of three adults. 95%. Let’s compare the charges for the lowest room type 3 days and 2 nights (non-diving, only snorkeling) in the Taobao shops where the room is booked this time as an example (quote: RMB), Maada is 3380, card Palai (Water House) 3280, Bang Bang Resort 3480, Celebes Resort 1860, Mabul Island (SWV Resort, Mabul Island Too Many Resort) 3180. The above charges are quoted from April 2014 to 15 March. Compared with the previous quotation, the price of Bangbang Island Resort has increased the most. Originally, the garden house I ordered was only 2,980 yuan for three days and two nights. Now the price has increased to 3480 yuan....... The following is Bangbang Island Resort. The charges for the three types of rooms in the resort (three days and two nights snorkeling package, quoted from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015), the water house is 4280, the beach house is 3780, and the garden house is 3480. I personally think that if you go to Bang Bang Island Resort, choosing a garden house is very cost-effective. This time we are assigned to Garden House No. 1 and 2. Among them, Garden House No. 1 where I live is only from No. 16 Beach House. It’s about 20 meters away, and it’s only 30-40 meters away from the beach. The No. 8 Garden House at the far end is only about 150 meters away from the beach..."
Timba Timba Island

Timba Timba Island

4.6/524 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Today I am going to Tingba Tingba Island & Turtle Island. Tingba Tingba Island is a very small island, the closest island to Mading, facing the west coast of Mading. In the morning, the sea level recedes a bit, revealing the S-shaped beach belt, which is as charming as a bride's veil. You can take pictures on the island. Then the crew took us to snorkeling near Turtle Island. Whenever the crew found a turtle, they would take us to see it. The first time I saw a turtle up close, I was very excited. The coral garden in Timbert Timbert is very beautiful! Fish usually come in groups, but they are afraid of people, so if you want to take pictures, take them quickly! There is also a very beautiful fish called lionfish, but the editor recommends that you should not touch marine life when diving. First, it may affect the health of marine life, and second, they are poisonous, because they look better. Something may be more toxic. I was immersed in the deep and shallow water with sunglasses, as if I had entered a submarine Yipu Garden. It would not balance ear pressure and may cause ear pain, so everyone must learn in advance. Going into the underwater world will discover how wonderful and beautiful nature is, and every life has precious meaning. You will estimate your troubles, forget your sorrows, be yourself, and play happily with the fish. Are you wondering if the fish has sorrow? They should not have it, but will they be happy? Happiness is really a wonderful thing." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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