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Hongdae is a trendy gathering place in Seoul, and there are also many online red gourmet restaurants here. This spicy grilled octopus on Hongdae Pedestrian Street has a high popularity. The small octopus baked in advance is warmed up, and it can be cut and eaten after a few bakes. The meat is strong and the sauce is delicious. It is very enjoyable to eat. With a bite of sake, it instantly blends into the atmosphere of a small street in a Korean drama!
Posted: 6 Jan 2019
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As the Romans do, go to the places where Korean locals go and taste the real Korean folk cuisine: the Guangzang market! The Gwangjang market is currently the largest market in Korea. Its origins can be traced back to 1904, and it has a history of 100 years. The food here is affordable, the atmosphere is close to the people, and it is also a food stall that Koreans like! One third of the merchants in the market operate clothing, fabrics, etc. It is also the center of tailor-made hanbok in Seoul. Recommend a few must-try dishes! [] The kimbap meal here is very simple, there are not many flower-colored side dishes, just rolled up the bamboo shoots and radish, the seaweed is sprinkled with sesame seeds, and the Korean sauce is served, and the taste is crisp. . A copy of about 1,000 to 3,000 won. [Spicy fried rice cake] I believe this is the most popular Korean folk food, soft and tender, sweet and spicy. The price is about 2,000 to 4,000 won [m blood sausage] is a famous Korean snack, is the most delicate part of the pig intestine processing, and vegetables, glutinous rice, fans, pig blood, etc. into the pig intestine In the middle, it is steamed together with pig liver and pig lungs. When you eat, salt and pepper. It smells its fragrance from afar. [Mung bean cake] should be regarded as the most famous snack in the Guangzang market. There are many homes in the market. You can see the whole process of making Korean aunts with your own eyes. The price is about 4,000 won a cake. The mung bean peeled and soaked is ground into green soy milk, then added with kimchi, mung bean sprouts, vermicelli, green onion and garlic to taste, then fried with corn, both sides of the crispy, soft and soft mung bean pancakes Eat vinegar with onions. However, the amount of this cake is very large, you should not eat it. Mung bean cake with rice juice is the most suitable! Refreshing oil to 1000 won / cup. Finally, a special dish is recommended here: [Sauce crab]! ! ! Sauce crab, one of the specialties in the Gwangjang market is marinated with a special marinade of soy sauce. The taste is strong and the taste of crab meat is extremely sweet! ! "Stars" is still the favorite of thousands of ah! Speaking of the taste of this sauce crab, crystal clear crab crab meat into the mouth, salty sweet, and fermented crab sauce with the crab itself The fresh flavor of the scent, slipped into the mouth and disappeared. It is the best in the world, and the endless aftertaste, you must taste this unique Korean food! different sizes of crabs from 2000 to 5000 won Don't wait, pick any food you like anyway! Tips: After exiting at Exit 7 of Jongno 5th Street Station on Subway Line 1, you can go straight to the Guangzang Market (excluding food): 9
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