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Things To Do in Shaheshi

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huang244483Peach Garden Scenic Area in Xingtai City is located on the north shore of King Qin Lake Lake in the west of Shahe City. It is quite far away from the city. Shahe has superior tourism resources. The vast Qinwang Lake lies at your feet like a jasper; the mountains opposite Qinwang Lake are undulating and picturesque. I went there before when I went to Xingtai. It really felt very good, like a paradise.
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Ancient Settlement
远方的虫If time is sufficient, you can swim slowly in the ancient city, Ganlu Temple in the east gate, Yueji Bridge is farther, there is a battery sightseeing car can be taken, outside the city than the city looks beautiful, spectacular, the administrators to improve the environmental sanitation level. There are too many entertainment projects that don't fit in with the ancient city, and the profit-making ideas need to be transformed.
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_We***19According to legend, the ancestors of this village were from Sichuan, who was a general of the country, and then lost the imperial ranking. In order to avoid chasing and killing, he lived incognito here. The village is surrounded by four mountains on three sides and is built on the mountain. You cannot see the village unless you enter the village. , Is the only village that has not been invaded by the Japanese. Many of the buildings in the preserved village are ancient. The earliest buildings in the Yongle period, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the village has village motto, according to the rules of the ancestors, the first picture is the previous The door is right, this family is a military commander, so there is a door on the door, which is to zoom in and look at the two blue butterfly-like things on the top. I forgot the specific name. There is a pair below, that is, the two stone ones at the door. The same thing as a pier, this is the origin of the current situation. The second picture is Zhangqu Alley, because in the past, their village stipulated that the road must be allowed to pass the carriage. The first house has been built, and the other house is covered. At the time, it gave up the position of the road, so it is called Shenquxiang, which symbolizes the ability of a man to bend and stretch. The third one is the roller wheel used in ancient times, and the fourth one is the roundabouts we talk about now. When turning the corners, it is inconvenient for people to walk, so the building is about two meters round, and more than two meters is square. Yes, this is what people say round the corners. The buildings here are all built on the mountain, and some houses have been built for decades, and there are still people living in the countryside. After you come in, you need a guide introduction, the cost is 30, and there is an ancient loom. It is worth seeing.
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Water Conservancy Project
M34***13[Scenery] The only feeling I see it,,, I just want to scream, big brother, it is worthy of being a medium and large reservoir, because the water source is to be protected, the tourism industry is not so advocated, but the traveler feels the original ecology of the natural environment. Said it! It's cool, my little heart is pounding
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乐乐嘻嘻哈哈Anyuetan Hot Spring is located in the Qiaodong New District of Xingtai City. It is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. It intersects with Shijiazhuang, Linqing, Wu'an, Handan, and Xingtai. So be prepared for the small holiday. Less, this is a bit unsuitable.
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