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1933 Old Millfun
The architecture of the 1933 Old Millfun blends the characteristics of the East and the West. In the building you can see the style of an ancient Roman basilica, and the basic structure of the outer circle and inner square also coincides with the traditional concept of “heaven and earth” in Chinese fengshui. The infinite changes between light, shadow, and space present a unique architectural wonder. The 1933 old Millfun is a unique creative park area transformed from a slaughterhouse. It has a unique design and amazing space. It has hosted large-scale commercial activities such as the Ferrari F1 party and the 50th Anniversary of Radar. The Tiny Times was filmed here. When the weather is good, you can also see a lot of new couples shooting wedding photos here. The whole building is simple and unpretentious, and the atmosphere is down to earth. Only by careful observation can you detect the ingenuity of the original designer from the delicate decorative details that seem to be almost inadvertent. Such smooth production processes, sophisticated building structures, and excellent architectural designs actually appeared in Shanghai nearly a hundred years ago as a milestone. Old Millfun is much less crowded than Xintiandi and Tianzifang. The weekend may be more popular. I suggest you choose a sunny off day to visit. No. 29, Shajing Road, Hongkou District Transportation: Metro Line 4, Line 10 to Hailun Road Station (take Exit 2), walk about 10 minutes after exiting the station. Open hours: Mon through Sun 09:00 - 22:00
Xinchang Ancient Town
The new town built in the Southern Song Dynasty, has a history of more than 800 years, named after the Xiasha salt field moved south to form a new salt field, hence the name new field , is a salt-producing Jiangnan ancient town due to salt Nowadays, the bustling city has passed away, leaving more than 100 Ming and Qing Dynasties houses of different sizes and more than 20 water bridges. The first time I knew the new town, the film Lust Caution, there is a scene in the new I took a photo of a tea house in the old town of the town. I also went to the new field many years ago to come to the ceremony. Xinchang Ancient Town is quite far from the urban area. Line 16 is sitting at the Xinchang Station. It has to get a car down. It rains when it first goes, and there are almost no tourists. The ancient town is not significant, and it can be finished in less than an hour. After visiting the tea house where you can go to Li An, the first floor tea garden, old-fashioned stairs, carved beams and doors, antique plaques, old wooden chairs, everything seems to return to the Republic of China There are also old telephones, which can still be used It is very suitable for wearing cheongsam, but the photos of friends are not convenient Xinchang Ancient Town Address:... No. 128, Haiquan Street, Xinchang Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai Transportation: Take Metro Line 11 to Luoshan Road Station, transfer to Metro Line 16 and get off at Xinchang Station After exiting the station, take Bus No. 3, No. 628 and get off at Xinchang Town Bus Station. Walk for a few minutes. That is. You can also take a taxi directly after getting off the subway, start the ride.
sarah on the road
Wandao Japanese Restaurant is a daily buffet restaurant, 380 / bit, except for Xiaoqinglong, which is limited to half a person, and there are also a few single drinks. Others are all unlimited, sashimi, and iron plate. There are a lot of choices for cooking, dishes, and staple foods, so the price/performance ratio is quite high. Must order!  Sashimi - Salmon, peony shrimp, sweet shrimp, prawn, gourmet ice abalone, sea urchin, Arctic shellfish, elephant cockroach, red snail, scallop, horse meat sashimi, flying fish roe, tuna, taste All are excellent, add according to personal preference;  Teppanyaki- Charred foie gras, thin baked beef tongue, lamb chops, beef granules, salt-baked prawn, grilled crab chops, grilled mushrooms, grilled chicken, Grilled oysters, grilled spring fish, grilled squid, sauce star simmer, these discretionary points; small dishes - mustard octopus, raw beef, smoked fresh beef, sea vegetables, steamed pumpkin, etc . The tempura class has also been divided into many varieties; I only ordered tempura shrimp and okra tempura. Shouxi pots- Seafood Shouxi pot, beef sukiyaki pot, and Crab hot pot, I only ate their own beef Shouxi pot.

Every time I can not eat the sukiyaki pot, I have to die, the taste is delicious, the beef is super tender! If you can get to the end, be sure to try it!  Sushi class- There are more varieties, but I usually do not point, because I really can not eat!  Salad class - Recommended avocado salad, relatively refreshing, one is enough! Staple food - Lobster porridge (this must be, I usually drink a bowl before the meal, so the stomach will not feel uncomfortable when eating sashimi!), soba noodles (this is good, must eat Oh!), salmon tea, rice, and many other options, I often eat these three kinds! Desserts- There are fruit mousse, coffee mousse, caramel pudding, vanilla ice cream, matcha flavored ice cream, cherry blossom ice cream, etc., recommend cherry blossom ice cream!  Wines - Mango juice, guava juice, blueberry juice, cola, sprite, sake, this is a few things I have ordered, the liquid is still recommended, thicker, not freshly squeezed, it should be that kind Concentrated juice, guava, and mango taste the best. If you eat teppanyaki with cola and sprite, you can have a can. You can ask the waiter to take a cup with ice cubes, and the teppanyaki is cool! If you do not drive, you can choose a drink of sake and plum wine!
Coco Wang
The Bund
Blanca + Albert
The Bund
Jord Hammond
Yu Garden
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