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Shanglin County is under the administration of Nanning City in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and is situated in the middle of Guangxi, at the eastern foot of Daming Mountain. Dalong Lake, found within the Dalong Lake Scenic Area located in Xiyan Town of Shanglin County, is surrounded by mountains with an enchanting karst landscape. Dalong Cave on the lake’s shore can also be visited. In the Sanliyangdu Scenic Area in the northeast of Shanglin County, original rural vistas are waiting to be enjoyed. Other natural scenic spots include Jinlian Lake, the Daming Mountain Longtou Canyon, and the ancient ruins of the Shunpo Mountain Site and the Jiulong Kiln Site.
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Things To Do in Shanglin

Dalong Lake Scenic Area
111 Reviews
天下美景悠遊Dalong Lake Scenic Area is located in Shanglin County, Guangxi Province, known as China's Halong Bay. It is also comparable to (Water Guilin) by travelers. It was developed as a new tourist attraction in 2008. The lake area is full of clear water and sparkling, surrounded by stone mountains surrounded by strange peaks, folds and folds, beautiful reflections, for tourists to enjoy the refreshing, beautiful scenery of the lake. It is worthwhile to visit again, and experience the beauty of the lakes and mountains and the sky! The best value is the free ticket, the ¥50 cruise ticket is all inclusive. [Scenery] The unparalleled beauty of Guilin on the water. [Fun] Enjoy the tranquility of the lake and mountains. [Value for money] Small investment enjoys big recovery.
45 Reviews
优的良仕It’s not too far from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain. It takes about 10 minutes to get there. Before reaching Xiashuiyuan Village, there is a village called Pairan Village. There are also many inns there. If the water source is full, personal recommendation is also available. Come here to live, the conditions are good, there is also a mountain spring swimming pool. Xiashuiyuan Village is called the Little Potala Palace because looking up from the bottom of the mountain, there is such a mountain village hidden in the mountain, which looks a bit like a paradise. After the shuttle bus goes up the mountain, it does not directly reach the Xiashuiyuan Village, but just arrives at the edge of a small river, where you can go down to play and swim. The pure natural water is very cold. Then you have to climb up to 100 meters along the road. Although it is a concrete road, the slope is a bit big, and it is a bit hard to pull the suitcase. It is recommended that you try to use a backpack. Xiashuiyuan Village was originally just a small village in the mountains. It was famous for its specialty star anise. Many villagers made a fortune by planting star anise, and they still have it. But because of the tourism boom in recent years, villagers have The house was transformed into an inn, which made a lot of money during the tourist season. Because the village is built along the mountain, because there are few flat grounds, there are gaps between the houses, there are many inns, and the rooms and facilities of each house are similar. Basically, they are economical and the conditions are average, but they are still sanitary. What is WIFI? Don’t worry, every inn has its own restaurant, where you can order food. Not every house has a swimming pool. If you don’t have one, you can go to another house. Generally, children charge 10 yuan and adults 20 yuan. It is better to recommend bubble water when you come here. After settling down, we decided to take a walk along the road of the village. It seems that the small village, because it is all uphill, is really not easy to walk, but it can be regarded as a period of physical training. Walking between different inns, you can also see different scenery, sometimes the inn itself is also a kind of scenery. In the evening, order good dishes at the inn, eat dinner with the mountain breeze, chat with friends, take a walk, and feel free
Sanli Yangdu Scenic Area
46 Reviews
Geological Sites
fionchen1979Three mile Yangdu scenic spot, mainly in the Xiake Taoyuan, said that this is Xu Xiake favorite, but come or a little disappointed, due to the seasonal relationship, color is not rich. This attraction is not big, and it will be completed soon. So I follow the navigation and go straight to Sanli Yangdu. I just know that the Sanli Yangdu scenic spot is basically based on this.
Daming Mountain
498 Reviews
M22***22Daming Mountain can climb halfway up the mountainside to enjoy the flowers in spring, hide in the natural refrigerator to escape the heat in summer, hike to the top to inhale oxygen and moisturize the lungs in autumn, and the rime and ice on the mountain can be amazingly beautiful in winter. Daming Mountain has attracted many self-driving travelers and travel friends to “steal a floating life for a half-day leisure” and appreciate the changing seasons. You can cruise through the vast virgin forests, and in the pursuit of Luoyue culture, you can explore the wonders of "no shadow in the day" and explore the symbols of the mystery of the ages under the Tianping turf of Daming Mountain. The microwave station on the top of the mountain is a good place to watch the sunrise. Visitors can stand on the nearby platform, which is also a photography secret and a great angle. If you are admiring the snow scene, you can go up to Daming Mountain from December to February every year. Standing on the peak of southern Xinjiang, you can enjoy the scenery of the northern country covered with silver and yushu.
Guming Village
18 Reviews
三生忘川It is highly recommended to go after 2019. The currently planned scenic spot is an ancient residential house, probably a clay house from the 1940s and 50s, plus the old bluestone road. There are too few scenic spots to take pictures. Ten scenic spots are still under construction, such as the highly anticipated high mountain trails and mountain temples. Tickets are 30 yuan plus parking fee 10 yuan, if the price is worth 15 yuan at most
Qingxiu Mountain
7,430 Reviews
luckyone113It's so impressive. Very nice mountain with a lots of scenery. A lot of walking but it's worth every single steps. You can take the bus ride but you won't be able to see everything that it had to offers. I was there for about 7 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's a must visit place if you are in Nanning.

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Sanli Yangdu Scenic Area
Sanli Yangdu Scenic AreaNanning,China

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Guming Village
Guming VillageNanning,China

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Dalong Lake Scenic Area
Dalong Lake Scenic AreaNanning,China

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Shanglin Weather

Feb 27, 2021
11 ~ 13
Feb 28, 2021
Light rain
11 / 18
Mar 1, 2021
Light rain
12 / 22
Mar 2, 2021
12 / 17
Mar 3, 2021
Light rain
13 / 15
Mar 4, 2021
Light rain
14 / 19
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Shanglin
Feb 27, 2021 Shanglin Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:99%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:10/18:48
Shanglin Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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