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About Shanwei

Shanwei is located in the east of Guangdong province. The region is famous for its beautiful coastal scenery and historical attractions, which include Fengshan Temple, Dingguang Temple and Yuanshan Temple. These temples have a long history and are some of the most important religious sites in eastern Guangdong. A number of famous Communist revolutionaries lived here, including Zhou Enlai and Peng Pai.

Popular Attractions in Shanwei

Shui Di Shan Hot Spring
367 Reviews
Hot Spring
Shuidishan Hot Spring is located in a vast forest with many natural resources and beautiful scenery, including ponds, canyons, waterfalls, and rivers. This is a large hot spring area in eastern Guangzhou. The hot spring water is rich in silicic acid and is very nourishing. The hot springs are divided into many different pools with different functions and features. In the lush forest, you can soak in the hot springs and enjoy the beautiful nature around you.
Red Bay Gulf
265 Reviews
Located east of Shanwei City, Cape Red Bay is a long-formed peninsula extending southwards from the junction of Honghai Bay and Jieshi Bay, which is known as the "Kirin Point of Eastern Guangdong". The waves and the sea breeze are affected by this terrain, forming a very different scene on both sides of the peninsula. The east sea area is full of rough waves and rapids, while the west sea area is calm. The beach stretches on both sides of the peninsula, white water of which make it an ideal place for sea bathing.
Red Bay Tourist Area
71 Reviews
The red bay tourist area is intertwined with lakes, islands and harbors. The beaches are lingering, the coastal reefs are diverse, the coastal scenery is beautiful, the humanities and historical sites are numerous, and the unique subtropical coastal scenery has become a hot spot for leisure travel on the beach every year. Red Bay, as its name suggests, of course has red soil and blue water. Walking on the beach, the sand is soft and soft, and it seems to be carefully screened by the hands of nature. Going closer, the pure and transparent sea water flows on the beach in a roll, and the white and white waves follow the tide, and rushing into the droplets.
Mt. Fengshan Temple Tourist Area
182 Reviews
Matsu Temple
Mt. Fengshan Temple Tourist Area is located on the bank of Pinqing Lake in the east of Shanwei City. It is surrounded by the seaside avenue leading to the city center and is located on the east island of Yuci. The Mt. Fengshan Temple built in the Nine Years of Ming Chongzhen (before 1636 AD), and later expanded during the Qing Emperor Qianlong period. The incense has continued for centuries. The Mt. Fengshan Temple is not only a famous scenic spot in Shanwei City, but also a place where the people of eastern Guangdong and coastal fishermen worship the Mazu. There are many folk customs in the tourist area, including Tianhou Pavilion, Bell and Drum Tower, Mazu Stone Statue, and Mazu Shengtang Museum in Fengshan Park.

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Shanwei Weather

3 Jul 2020
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Trip Moments

Street snacks cattle powder: Under the soothing of the soft and rotten beef, the internal organs returned to the vitality. The smooth rice noodles appeal to me to live in the river powder, and the curved "body" hides the taste of the soup base, and the mouth is full of fragrance. : The vegetables are slightly thicker than the fingers, wrapped in vegetables, dried shrimps, peanuts and the fillings, each mouth is crisp, and there is no burden, feel a box of dishes Serving as a meal is the choice for weight loss. Pizza: The pizza is sweet and salty. Compared to the salty and delicious savory pancakes, my heart is good, but the combination of peanuts, sesame sugar, salted egg yolk, etc. Into, not only tastes rich, but also tastes sweet and salty sweet pancakes! Cooking tea: A bowl of tea made from various seafood, vegetables and fried rice. Although the name is tea, it only takes the liquid form of tea, and the base color is a savory soup. This bowl is called Shutan~ night market day's two roads is a quiet and ordinary sidewalk, without any dew. The hot flashes fade with the setting sun, and the lights illuminate, welcoming the highlights of the two roads. The diners are full of enthusiasm, this is the lifestyle of the Shanwei people, and the life under the night. glutinous rice: It is also a sweet and salty group of CP. It is recommended not to eat it first, too. fish coal: You can come to a bowl first, and it has a good effect. It is very "coal" can be okay, probably related to local pronunciation, in fact, is a delicious fish porridge. The front of the food stall is full of seafood, and its a quick and quick hand. Its a table of dishes. According to the urinary nature of the Shanwei people, they will be matched with wines that are N times more expensive than food. Must be the dessert of the tail-flavored king--------------------------------------- This jelly dessert made with nine hair cream moisturizes the locals for generations and has now extended to the surrounding areas.
Posted: 6 Jun 2019
The seaside resort holiday that Shanwei is most suitable for family-friendly travel does not have to go to various attractions. Finding a place where you can relax, enjoy the view, taste the food, and stay comfortable for a few days, it is already a beautiful thing. Recommended at the Doubletree Hotel Shanwei Poly, located in Jinchowan Bay, 7 km of the original ecological coastline, with the unpolluted pure sea water of the South China Sea, the delicate powdery sand creates an unparalleled perfect beach, diverse Seaside entertainment is an excellent choice for a holiday destination. The hotel's reception and lobby bar are set on both sides, with no obstructions and a wide view. At the end of the lobby is a deck, and at first glance it is the boundless sea. Sitting in the lobby bar, sip a fruit drink, the sea breeze is light and silky, and the simple and beautiful vacation time is thus opened ~ Ming came to the hotel's net red spiral staircase to punch the card. The beauty of the structure is beautiful, no matter what angle is a piece of art. Shooting portraits allows the model to stand in the center of the stairs and the photographer's heights are down. If you can't think of the leisure and water of the sea, the hotel's outdoor swimming pool is also a good choice. Lying on a beach chair to soak up the sun, the warmth of the feeling is extremely relaxing. On holiday in the hotel, you can be quiet and dazed, or you can play at the beach. Beach and bikini photos are even more indispensable ~ The hotel also offers a 24-hour fitness center for fitness enthusiasts. Parent-child families with babies can bring their own bear children to the hotels childrens club in addition to the family pool. The all-day dining restaurant on the first floor offers an all-day la carte menu and seafood buffet, featuring international cuisine and local specialties. Transportation: 1, Shanwei High-speed Railway Station Bus No. 112 can go directly to Jinchowan Bay 2, self-driving pro can go down the Shenhai Expressway to the Changsha Bay Expressway exit, along the navigation route Direct access to Jinmachi Bay 3, 25 minutes by car from Shanwei High Speed Railway Station Tips: 1, hot in summer, sun protection if you go out to sea, sunglasses are essential. 2, children's shoes that like to take pictures, bring more nice skirts and swimsuits.
Posted: 6 Aug 2019
Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Shanwei Sunshine and beach, infinity pool, invincible sea view room, endless seafood and authentic food... My summer vacation dream finally has no long trip to Southeast Asia, in Guangdong Can be achieved! Located in Shanwei's new hot spot, Shanwei Poly DoubleTree by Hilton. In the Jinmao Bay of 4A-level scenic spot in Shanwei City, it is only 9 kilometers away from Shanwei High-speed Railway Station. On weekends, I can satisfy my desire to take beautiful photos, eat food and take beautiful photos. Come to Shanwei, you must not eat seafood barbecue and authentic snacks. The full-time restaurant offers a seafood barbecue dinner in the evening outdoor area, as well as the existing big coconut green. The upper body has forgotten to take pictures. Fortunately, it is enough during the day~ In addition to eating delicious Cantonese dishes and authentic dishes in Qingya Chinese Restaurant Gourmet, you can feel the rich culture of Shanwei fisherman in any corner of the hotel. The city's only unobstructed sea view with its beautiful outdoor infinity pool. The 500-square-meter swimming pool is seamlessly connected with the sea and the beach. The beach is close at hand. The sunset is bathed in the pool. The shutters are all equipped with beautiful photos. Don't envy me too much, you deserve it! Next to the pool is a large lawn with a large sea view. The girls dream lawn weddings~ I want to get married soon. Have swimming, walking, sanding, catching the sea... I can spend a day at the hotels beach.
Posted: 1 Jul 2019 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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