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Shaoxing is the hometown of Lu Xun, and his former residence, the Three Tastes Studio, and Hundred Grass Garden from the time of Lu Xun's life are all preserved here. In Lu Xun Town you can see performances by such characters as Sister Xianglin and Ah Q to enter deeper into the tales of Lu Xun's life. Shaoxing is also the hometown of Chinese yellow wine. The local China Yellow Wine Museum will reveal to you the wine's ancient historical and cultural essence. If interested, you can have “a bowl of hot fragrant yellow wine and a delightful dish of fennel broad beans.”
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Things To Do in Shaoxing

Shaoxing Keyan Scenic Area
10,614 Reviews
Rock Monument
E22***39The Keyan Scenic Area is combined with the Tisngong Big Buddha area . This mskes for a very large park . It is located to the West of Shaoxing City Center in about a twenty minute drive by car. There is an entrence fee to the park . You mat explore the grand Buddha carving and. lovely temple on the hill behind it . You will then walk along a like where you will find some modern sculptures and place sitvand have a nice meal and delious tea. After thst, you will will take a boat ride to the ancient town section of the park . There you will find a beautiful old town with some shops and restaursnts . be aware the restaurants here are charging tourist prices. There is a historical theater in the center on the canal. A good trip to make on a nice sunny day.
Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice & Snow World
2,659 Reviews
大反派FlippyGet a coach will be better. And of course more fun. The in door ski park is ok. Learn ski is enough.
Lu Xun Native Place
5,925 Reviews
Famous Residences
Featured Neighbourhood
_We***34its very beautiful place and will take you back to chinese history , a day well spent
East Lake
2,039 Reviews
小元元麻麻Shaoxing East Lake Scenic Area, Shaoxing East Lake Scenic Area, the must-have Journey to the West, is located about six kilometers east of the ancient city of Shaoxing. It is one of the three famous lakes in Zhejiang Province. Although the East Lake is small, it is cleverly combined by cliffs, caves, stone bridges and the lake surface. The wonders composed of strange rocks and strange caves make East Lake known as "the wonder in the lake". The location of East Lake was originally a bluestone mountain and later became a quarry in Shaoxing. Later generations used special stone extraction methods and chiseling through axes to remove half of the green hills, thus forming cliffs more than 50 meters high and clear water ponds under the mountains. After that, the East Lake was artificially enclosed and turned into a large bonsai with an ingenious landscape. Walking around the lake, you can see that the cliff surface of the East Lake Scenic Area has different shades and cave shapes. Take a boat into the cave and feel the East Lake under the cliff. The most amazing thing is to take a closer look at Taogong Cave and Xiantao Cave. Although the entrance to Taogong Cave is small, there is indeed another cave into the cave, like sitting in a well and watching the sky. Entering Xiantao Cave, you will see the huge Xiantao with the entrance of the cave and the reflection, and here is the famous Journey to the West. The East Lake Scenic Area has not only Taogong Cave, Xiantao Cave and other landscapes, but also artificial decorations such as Tingqiu Pavilion, Xiachuan Bridge, Yinlu Pavilion, Guiling and Qinqiao. Riding a awning boat is a characteristic of the lake tour. Sitting on the boat and being in the East Lake is as if you are in a painting. In addition to sightseeing in the lake, visitors can also go up to the mountains and look far. Or you can take a break in the tea room by the lake, listen to a Shaoxing local drama, and experience the leisure style with Shaoxing characteristics. 🎫50 yuan/person🈺️7:00-17:30⌚️It is recommended to visit for 2-3 hours 🚣‍♀️Wupeng boat 200 yuan/boat (free photo of Taoxian Cave, gift box of Shaoxing specialty, stinky tofu, DIY bonsai)
Shen Garden
2,456 Reviews
Historical Site
STKM刘春林Because of one person, Lu You. Because of the two words, hairpin head phoenix. Because of the eternal love story that should have happened here, the small Shenyuan has become a five-A-level scenic spot. It is rumored that Lu You and Tang Wan are cousins, and they have no guesses. Twenty-year-old Lu You married fifteen-year-old Tang Wan, and gave Tang Wan the crested hairpin from Lu You's ancestors as a token of love. After the marriage, the two of them were in agreement. They lived like a celestial couple for five years. However, Lu Mu believed that Lu You was addicted to Tang Wanhua’s previous month, and consumed Lu You’s fighting spirit for fame and fame. Later, Lu Mu prayed for a good luck. Gu said that Tang Wan would kill her. In the end, Lu You couldn't defy his mother's life, so he could only drive Tang Wan out of the house with a letter. Lu You, who had just divorced his wife, did not drive Tang Wan back to Tang's house, but bought a separate hospital, put Tang Wan in it, and often went to which other hospital and Tang Wan private meeting. Such days did not last long. Lu's mother discovered Lu You's anomaly. In order to completely separate Lu You and Tang Wan, she married Lu You, a daughter of a Sichuan official family, Wang Clan, and publicized it. The Tang family could only take Tang Wan back and marry her to Zhao Shicheng, who admired Tang Wan at the time. Zhao Shicheng is a well-known local family with a well-earned family background, and he is also personable. He has always loved Tang Wan and treated Tang Wan very well. In this way, Tang Wan's life can be said to have opened a new chapter. But a few years later, Lu You and Tang Wan met unexpectedly while visiting Shenyuan. Zhao Shicheng was also very generous and did not pay much attention to Lu You and Tang Wan’s old affairs, and took the initiative to do a banquet for Lu You. Tang Wan was also seeking advice from her husband Zhao Shicheng. Agree to offer a glass of wine to Lu You. It is said that things developed here should be peaceful and beautiful, but Lu You could not help his melancholy, and inscribed the ancient noun "Hai Tou Feng" on the wall of Shen Yuan: red hand, yellow vine wine, full of spring palace. Wall willow. The east wind is evil, but love is weak. A cup of melancholy, years away. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Spring is as old as the old, empty and thin, tear-stained red sharks. Peach Blossom Fall, Xianchi Pavilion, Mountain League is here, but Jinshu is hard to trust. Mo, Mo, Mo. In the spring of the following year, Tang Wan visited Shenyuan again, and inadvertently saw the titled "Hai Tou Feng" by Lu You Zai Shen Garden. She saw the remorse and deep affection between the lines in Lu You's poem, and she couldn't help feeling all over her heart. Next to it, I wrote a poem "The Phoenix with Hairpin" echoes: The world is weak, the human relationship is bad, the rain sends the flowers at dusk, and the flowers are easy to fall; the dawn is dry, the tears are broken, I want to write my thoughts, and the monologue is oblique. It is difficult, difficult, and difficult. Each, today is not yesterday, the sick soul tastes like a swing; the sound of the corner is cold, and the night is faint, afraid of people asking, crying and pretending to be happy, concealing, concealing, concealing. Since Shen Yuan's departure, Tang Wan has been living in depression, disappointment, and anguish, and died of illness in Shangqiu. After Tang Wan died of illness, Lu You went to Shenyuan many times to offer condolences, leaving behind a poem about blood.
Anchang Ancient Town
1,358 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
roiberadorI had fun walking around the place with my friends on our way to Ningbo.

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Shaoxing Keyan Scenic Area
Shaoxing Keyan Scenic AreaShaoxing,China

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Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice & Snow World
Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice & Snow WorldShaoxing,China

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Lu Xun Native Place
Lu Xun Native PlaceShaoxing,China

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East Lake
East LakeShaoxing,China

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Shen Garden
Shen GardenShaoxing,China

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Anchang Ancient Town
Anchang Ancient TownShaoxing,China

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Shaoxing
Jan 28, 2021 Shaoxing Weather:Sunny, Northeasterly Wind:10-17 kph, Humidity:52%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:50/17:32
Shaoxing Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Moderate

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