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Haishang World Culture Art Center

Haishang World Culture Art Center

4.1/594 Reviews
"Modern Architecture"
"Shenzhen Watch Exhibition | too virtual environment - Contemporary art creates inception space 💙 Exhibition Name: [Reandro Erichtton's Too Vacuum Land] 📍 Detailed address: Nanshan Sea World Culture and Art Center 🚇 Metro Line 2 Sea World A Exit 💙 Are you ready to enter the "too virtual state" of Lian? Lean said: Seeing is not necessarily true! A world of unreal, deconstructive, subversive visual art, waiting for you to punch in! 💚 Who is he? [Reandro Elich] an Argentine artist His work is on display all over the world And is permanently collected by museums and private collectors! So far, he's held 23 solo shows, big and small. According to incomplete statistics, more than 1 million people have been competing worldwide The exhibitions are popular in Tokyo, New York, Paris, Madrid... 🧡 12 pieces of installation art work bring the visual experience like inception, instantaneously brush the circle of friends. 1⃣️ Pool A pool that can't swim This is one of the iconic works of Leann! To attract countless audiences "The Too-vailable Land" Changyou's dream in reality 2⃣️ A hair salon that cannot be cut off in Hairdressing Salon The audience walks into a barbershop, and some mirrors can reflect themselves. But strangely, other mirrors don't. 3⃣️ Architecture An Architecture Exterior Wall that Can Walk Everywhere In this famous installation, viewers can hang or stand against gravity on the surface of a traditional building. To achieve this effect, a huge mirror is fixed at a 45 degree angle to the building surface. 💜 These works either create a real and fictional situation between sight and belief by exploiting spatial displacement and architectural illusions, or challenge the thinking stereotypes in dramatic ways; Or examine the issues of urban development, social landscape, space and gaze. For the audience of Shenzhen, a "too virtual state" is built around the daily objects and scenes. The audience can experience the interactive experience in the artist's full imagination space and complete a self-exploration and interpretation! ⚠️Punch lightning pit guide ‼️‼️ 1⃣️ For the exhibition lovers, this will be the most not to be missed exhibition in Shenzhen this summer! 2⃣️Net red location: suitable for photography lovers and Miss net red 3⃣️ Must not come on weekends ‼️‼️ Many people, long queue time, and very poor experience!"