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Hebei Numismatic Museum

Hebei Numismatic Museum

4.8/544 Reviews
Ranked #5 in Shijiazhuang Must-Visit Museums
"Hebei Qianqi Museum is located at the site of the People's Bank of China, 55 North China Street, Shijiazhuang. The site covers an area of 3018 square meters, with three-story gray tile roofed gate and two-story gate. The floor plane of the whole building is U-shaped. The design of the backyard is also full of the cultural atmosphere of coins, the south side is a small pool of coins model, the north side is two shapes like the knife pool of coins, "Yan Dao Zhao Cloth" symbolizing the Yan Zhao Dadi coin culture for a long time. The front yard is built with Dong Biwu and Nanhan Tong body copper statue. The museum is divided into two parts: the former site of the People's Bank of China Memorial Hall and the Hebei Coin Museum. The memorial hall partially restored the offices of the first general manager (governor) of the People's Bank of China, Nanhan Ling, other deputy managers and four offices, which housed precious cultural relics such as clothing, books and letters donated by the Nanhan Ling family, The layout of the rooms is also according to the insiders' memory of the original restoration. The museum part opened "Red Regime Currency", "Renminbi Development History", "Hebei Historical Currency" and temporary exhibition halls and other four exhibition halls. The "Red Regime Currency" exhibition hall contains a large number of currency issued by the people's governments before liberation or the currency of the liberated areas in the base areas; the "History of the Development of Renminbi" exhibition hall exhibits hundreds of different and multi-faceted Renminbi from the first set of Renminbi to date; It is worth mentioning that the "Hebei Historical Currency" museum contains ancient coins that were cast or flowed through Hebei since the pre-Qin period. Among them, the ancient Zhongshan country relics gold and silver shellfish excavated in Lingshou Heping Mountain of Shijiazhuang City are the most precious, and become the treasure of the museum."