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Menghuo Castle

Menghuo Castle

3.9/564 Reviews
"Historical Site"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"① No tickets, but the sightseeing car is 20 yuan per person (one way and two ways), parking fee (too early to go, charge for entry, the staff has not yet gone to work). ② Sightseeing car is to be bought. In the case of buying a sightseeing car, I still walked 10㎞. There is no sign in the scenic spot. If you don't buy a sightseeing car, the road on foot will not be found, and the service attitude of the staff is not good. ③ There are two roads, one is Hongshitan, the other is grassland. Hongshi Beach is uphill, or some altitude, climbing the slope is more tired, one way 2㎞, the original road back, there is no scenery on the way, between trees, the scenery is general. The one-way on the grassland is also about 2㎞, it is the road, it is the original road back, the scenery is better, most people will go this way. ④Overall, the natural scenery depends on the weather, and it is still possible when the weather is good. But it is not recommended that people go with tight time. The scenic spot is small, just looking around a grassland from different directions. Such alpine grassland scenery is in Xindu Bridge, Bamei is everywhere, not special. ⑤ Come to Menghuo City, but can not see Menghuo's "City." For thousands of years, an ancient legend has been circulating: "Open Menghuo City, the world is infinite." The morning sun greeted us, and the fresh air opened the gate of Menghuo City. Menghuo City in the morning is really beautiful. The clouds are in the sky and the earth, a mist of forest, mist of grassland. Winds and winds, clouds gather and clouds disperse, fog when thick and light, the scenery if the shadows if present, noon sunshine, the breeze is not dry, is another scene. This is not a city, but a plateau ecological prairie. Where is Meng Huo's "city"?"