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About Shishi

Shishi is situated in Fujian province on the south side of Quanzhou Bay. The city is known for its beautiful coastal scenery and numerous historical attractions including the Song dynasty Gusao Pagoda, Liusheng Pagoda (an important coastal landmark for ships in ancient times), a famous rock inscribed by the Ming dynasty general Yu Dayou, the site of a Qing dynasty coastal defense office, and Linluan Harbor (an important Tang dynasty port for ship traffic between Taiwan and mainland China). There are also a number of religious sites including Chenghuang Temple, Huxiu Temple, Chaotian Temple and Luoqie Temple.

Popular Attractions in Shishi

Gold Coast Resort
146 Reviews
Folk Village
Golden Coast Resort is divided into three areas: the sea, the coastline and the land. Including the island world, folk culture village, Southeast Asia Miniature Park, and Grand View Garden Resort. The area is west of Yongning Town. Yongning is also known as the ancient coast defense town of Fujian. In 20th year of Ming Hongwu period built the Yongning Acropolis. Yongning has attractions over the area: Gusao Tower, Songjian Haiqiao, Huxiu Temple.There are also 10 scenes such as "Jinyue Pond" and "Guanri Tai".
Gusao Tower
154 Reviews
Ancient Pagoda
The Gusao Tower was built in the Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 800 years. It is backed by Quanzhou Bay and faces the Taiwan Strait. The real role of the Gusao Tower is as a navigation mark. During the Southern Song Dynasty, Quanzhou Port was one of the largest trading ports in the world. To adapt to the needs of overseas transportation, the construction of a stone tower on the Baogai Mountain in Quanzhou Port as a beacon lighthouse is of great significance.
Shishi Shimao Skyscraper Ferris Wheel
76 Reviews
Ferris Wheel
Shishi Shimao Skyscraper Ferris Wheel is situated in Shishi World Trade City. The Shimao Ferris Wheel, which is about 110 meters high, is known as the "Eye of the Sea" and echoes Shimao Tianmu Street. Safely close to the sky, the Shimao Ferris wheel is located on the roof of the commercial complex of Shishi Shimao Skyscraper. During the day, you can see the scenery of Haixi from the high sky; at night, the stars are shining, and you can take a dreamlike journey into light and romance.
Yuanyangchi Park
86 Reviews
City Park
Yuanyangchi Park is in the western section of Baqi Road in the west of Shishi City. It makes full use of the park's rich plants and water resources to create an open, ecological, landscape and humanized green space. The park builds a “cultural corridor” and a college, comprehensively introduces the human history of Shishi, textile and clothing culture, and builds a theme cultural park; it has a nightscape lighting project, and installs a number of unique, beautiful and practical high-altitude lights, pool lights, along the road. Street lamps, etc., is a modern square-style theme park that highlights the rich historical and cultural connotations of Shishi. It has become a landmark of Shishi city construction and integrates with the surrounding scenery to become a landscape.

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Trip Moments

Dinner is served at the hotel's buffet, and you will be spoiled for choice. As the first five-star hotel in Shishi, the buffet should naturally become its plus item. The menu is rich, the ingredients are fresh and the environment is elegant. The restaurant is designed with an open kitchen and serves a variety of dishes. Whether it's an izakaya that you miss, or a seafood dinner on a tropical island, it's here to satisfy you, from stomach to heart. [Buffet Dinner] Never boast that I am eating, I know that I have not enjoyed the food of this big world, and I dont know my own mouth. Whether it is too much human fireworks in terms of food. Just in front of the food, the feeling that the child belongs to the original "desire" of human beings will still come to life, so it will catch up with all kinds of tools, regardless of the image. [Buffet Dinner] ps: Buffet dinner is 198 yuan, only buffets will be served on weekends, Monday to Friday. Hotel and Yalong buffet lunch, located on the first floor and dinner in the same place, fruit salad, Japanese sushi, various seafood dinners, can not be missed. The food is memory-enabled. Following the smell of fresh salmon or sauce-flavored duck, it barely captures scattered pieces related to the past. At that time, I was still a child who was not sensible. When I passed the store on the street, I pulled up my mothers clothes and told her with a eager eye. I also wanted to go. My mother usually touches my head, then grabs my hand and says, you are a little serval.
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