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Things To Do in Shkoder

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juki235This is a famous church in Shkoder, the whole church is very glorious, with a sense of a mosque. The arcade inside the church is very tall, and there are exquisite murals on the walls, which are worthy of everyone's appreciation.
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翱翔的大鲨鱼This lake is very beautiful. Between mountains and plains, the slender lake is more like a jade belt. Surprisingly, there is an unnamed old castle in the lake and his mini version of the Great Wall, which is the right time to go in autumn.
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juki235The famous Lake Skadar is the national boundary between Albania and Montenegro. This lake is jointly managed by two countries. The scenery around the lake is very charming, full of green pastoral scenery, and there are many European-style castles standing in the mountains. The scenery is really beautiful.
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zha***ng2019.08. Podgorica-Millennium Bridge, street view: Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, this is definitely the capital I have seen. There are not many tall buildings in the city, and there are many dirt roads out of the city. There is nothing to look at. It’s fun, it’s not easy to take photos, and it’s hard for photographers to take beautiful scenery!
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88topThe very beautiful church building is set against the blue sky and white clouds. Although the history of the building is not long, it is very exquisite. You can enjoy it from different angles when you walk around the church. The internal frescoes are modern but not lacking in beauty. It is free to visit.
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翱翔的大鲨鱼This clock tower is a landmark in Podgorica. Seeing here has reached the old town of Podgorica. A small fortress hidden among the green hills and green trees. This clock tower is the core of this small town.

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St Stephen's Catholic Cathedral (Shkoder Cathedral)Shkodra,Albania

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Shkodra LakeShkodra,Albania

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Shkoder BridgeShkodra,Albania

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