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Shuyang County, abbreviated as Shu, is so named for being located on the yang (north) bank of the Shu River. The county is in the transitional area between the hills of south Shandong and the Jianghuai Plain. Shuyang has many historic and cultural sites. There are the Neolithic archaeological sites of Wanbei and Zangdun and tombs from the Six Dynasties (222-589). There are the Western Zhou-era (c. 1046-771 BCE) sites of Mengdun and Yindun; the Western Han (202 BCE-8 CE) sites of Houqiu and Yinpingfang City; the irrigation projects left behind by great Song polymath Shen Kuo (1031-1095); and a series of attractions associated with the birthplace of legendary Consort Yu (the eponymous concubine of the Peking Opera Farewell My Concubine): Yu Ji Channel, Yu Ji Temple, Jiulongkou (“Nine Dragon Confluence” - where nine rivers flow together), and Bawang Bridge. There is also the barracks of the Ming general Liu Tingzhu, who fought against the Japanese, a Chinese wisteria planted by Qing-era poet Yuan Mei (1716-1797), and the elegant and ancient Xiaoyaoting.
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Things To Do in Shuyang

Guandun Mountain Ski Resort
7 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
Mary的妈妈This praise is for the head coach. The coach is quite responsible. Other facilities and equipment are average.
Yuji Park
87 Reviews
City Park
M29***62Yuji Park, with a total area of more than 120 acres, is an artificial lake where dozens of miniature ships can swim, and the water surface is wide. A series of carved stone bridges with fun, stand on the water where each location is needed. The "East West Lake Embankment" sandwiched by the two waters has a towering terrain and dense trees. Due to the special location of the lake embankment, there is a breeze on the embankment. Standing on the embankment, watching the water and the scenery: the lake, the fragrance of lotus overflowing, the forest, the bird's language is crisp, making people feel as if they are in a fairyland.
The Ancestral Home of Xiang Wang
903 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
I_am_ThirteenThe hometown of King Xiang is the first Xiang family ancestral hall in China with the theme of Xiang Yu and Xiang family culture. The internal architecture is mainly centered on the Han style of the Chu region, combined with certain palace and garden architecture. Being in the scenic spot, it instantly gives people a feeling of passing through history. The ancient city is covered with blue tiles and is majestic. The palaces and gardens have their own charms, showing the history of Xiang Yu at different stages, perfectly presenting the ancient city of Xichu, one person, one family and one ancient country. The scenic area is mainly composed of more than 10 scenic spots such as the ancient city gate, Xiangfu, Yingfeng Pavilion, Xiangwang hand planted Huai, Xiangjia ancestral hall, Xiang Yu's former residence, and in the ancient city, in addition to visiting scenic spots, you can't miss the various implications. A historical and cultural performance.
Santaishan National Forest Park
626 Reviews
吴人少白Thousands of acres of pink and daisy flowers, Suqian, a small city in Jiangsu, a comprehensive guide to punch in 🌹In the depths of the Santai Mountain Forest Park in Suqian, there is a thousand acres of flowers, where pink and daisy blooms, birds and flowers, fresh and natural, full of colorful flowers, always give Life in 2020 will bring vitality and color. Take a weekend to release your mood. 1⃣️That mountain, that water, and the sea of flowers! ✨It’s time for the internet celebrity fandai chaos to swipe the screen again. The whole month of October is pink. To avoid the crowded National Day holiday, it’s time to go out and wander around. 🌻 Of course, there are not only pink daisy in the sea of flowers, blue and purple sage, golden sunflower, purple zinnia, and yellow chrysanthemum, all complement each other. 2⃣️Visit the hometown of King Xiang, sigh the might of the overlord, and appreciate the legend of Chu and Han. There are more than a dozen interactive performances such as the opening of the door to welcome guests, the Chu dance show, and the museum of the Chu and Han style. 3⃣️Santaishan Forest Park: Misty Forest🌲, Haitang Bay White Beach, kayaking, tent camping⛺. 4⃣️Suqian Glass Museum🔥: The second floor exhibition hall and exit light and shadow passage. 5⃣️Luoma Lake Beach Park🏖️: Sand sculpture theme lantern show 6⃣️True Hero Club: Bouncing room to take pictures, escape room, haunted house, karting, Suqian food 7⃣️Food: Siyu Siyu has an antique hotel in the True Hero Club, named after It is especially the style of Western Chu, and what you can taste here is also the local flavors of Suqian. 8⃣️Accommodation: Nantian Huahai Nantian Village Tinghuatang is adjacent to Nantian Huahai’s Nantian Village. It has been transformed into a B&B cluster. The house is built in Tinghuatang. The houses are all built of stone. The room is very large and decorated. Classical and elegant. The large bathroom space, night falls, soak in the bathtub and relax. Outside the window is a sea of romantic flowers. It is really pleasant to fall asleep in the refreshing fragrance of flowers.
Mount Huaguo
5,329 Reviews
_We***80Too crowded for holidays, mountain is not difficult to climb to the peak. Who cannot climb there are many bus stops on the way to the top. there are some activities on the way back as zipline for example.
Huai'an Dragon Palace Great White Whale
426 Reviews
杰西宝贝If you go to the beluga, it is recommended to arrive before 10.30. There will be a mermaid show and a beluga show at 11 o'clock. There are not many types of fish in the aquarium. It looks good. The cutest is the beluga. Not many people are not crowded and pretty good. If you go to the ice and snow world, it’s best to wear pants and not skirts. There are some cotton jackets for rent, which are longer. You should bring your own cotton jackets. The ones you rent are often worn and dirty. Children like to play in it. , Not afraid of cold! The unhappy thing is that parking is charged and the scenery is good, highly recommended,

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Guandun Mountain Ski Resort
Guandun Mountain Ski ResortSuqian,China

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Yuji Park
Yuji ParkSuqian,China

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Shuyang Weather

Mar 8, 2021
Light rain
6 ~ 12
Mar 9, 2021
2 / 13
Mar 10, 2021
5 / 16
Mar 11, 2021
Light rain
5 / 10
Mar 12, 2021
7 / 14
Mar 13, 2021
8 / 17
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Shuyang
Mar 8, 2021 Shuyang Weather:Light rain, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:89%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:26/18:06
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