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Great Nightlife Experiences in Siem Reap

Street 08
285 Reviews
Siem Reap
52m from downtown
"Sabba Street is located in Lijiang ancient city, Yunnan Province, with four square street, one end to the entrance of the ancient city water truck, is the most prosperous area of the ancient city. Because of the music, the bar shop is quiet, flowing water, Yangliu, old street, 3322 pedestrians, is a small bridge flowing water quiet scenery. Night can be light music, lighting confused, brocade lanterns and candlelight glow, boiling music and human tide, let visitors experience Lijiang's Saba Street style. Lijiang's bar is famous worldwide, is the representative of romance and leisure."
Reasons to Recommend: Siem Reap's Pub Street is located next to the bustling old downtown. This street has dozens of different bars, pubs and clubs, many of which are popular with tourists. The bars here are quite unlike traditional pubs and clubs, in that many of them also serve full meals. During daylight hours you can enjoy authentic Southeast Asian cuisine at the restaurants which line the street and, once night falls, you can relax with a drink at the bar while you experience Siem Reap's unique nightlife. Furthermore, many of the bars and restaurants on Pub Street also sell English-language books, postcards, souvenirs and handicrafts.
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Tonle Sap Lake
975 Reviews
Siem Reap
57.9km from downtown
Lavender and Sun
"Also known as Phnom Penh Lake, Lake Dounrisa is located in the western part of Cambodia, long in the heart of Cambodia, is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. The lakeside plain is flat and vast, 500 km long and more than 110 km wide, northwest to southeast, across Cambodia, Phnom Penh and through Cambodia's Mekong River intersection."
Reasons to Recommend: Tonle Sap Lake is a famous freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. It is connected to the Mekong River in Phnom Penh through the Tonle Sap River. There are several floating villages on the lake. Because of the large number of Vietnamese people living in them, they are called “Vietnamese Floating Villages”. You can take a boat trip to the lake to visit these floating villages, where you will see houses, churches, schools and other buildings all on the water. In the evening, you can also enjoy the magnificent sunset on the lake.
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Angkor Night market
232 Reviews
Siem Reap
357m from downtown
"Angkor Wat is famous all over the world, but to taste Siem Reap, it needs to start from the Angkor night market. Strolling in Siem Reap Street, pure traditional Cambodian style, free and leisure Western style life, become one of the most popular places in the city at night."
Reasons to Recommend: An immensely popular place to shop and eat, the Angkor Night Market is filled with food stalls as well as casual clubs and bars.
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The Red Piano
22 Reviews
Siem Reap
105m from downtown
"A movie hit two locations that year, one is Ta Prohm and the other is this bar. The price of a single item is higher than that of other houses in the night market. It is also overcrowded, with music onsite, and the environment is slightly better."
Devatara Massage
8 Reviews
Siem Reap
133m from downtown
"I also tried it with a mentality of experimentation. If it is really not as good as Thailand, the environment is good, and the service attitude is also good. The communication is not very fluent in English, that is, the technician presses harder, maybe I can't bear it, and the taste of essential oils is a bit unaccustomed. Others are okay. Some scented tea snacks will be prepared during the period. Marketing is also proper."
Reasons to Recommend: Siem Reap Devatara Massage is a 10-minute walk from Pub Street, in an elegant and comfortable environment. Professional and skilled techniques will give you a different Cambodian experience! Relax the whole body by stimulating the pressure points on the soles of the feet, soak your feet in warm water mixed with kosher salt and mint, scrub and massage, moisturizing the skin of the feet, moisturizing, relaxing and healthy.
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