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MGC Asian Traditional Textiles Museum

MGC Asian Traditional Textiles Museum

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"I have a passion for museums. Of course, I didn’t miss any chance to travel to Siem Reap. There are many kinds of museums, but every one of my museums can do it on their own. I am most fond of studying the clothing of people and places. Of course, I will be in the nun room for a while. On the first day, I stayed in the mud. The reception said that the restaurant is on holiday today. I don’t believe in evil, and I will be closed. Sosad I will be in the mud a few days later, and I can finally enter this time. La! There are 5 districts, 4 rooms in the Nepali hall, and it contains clothing from several Southeast Asian countries. At the beginning, I went to Zuo Pian first, and then I went to the side room to have a full guided tour. I thought us$3. Hey, is it good service? But I heard from the guides that it used to be free of charge. It is based on the family. Alas. I will get us$3 a day in the museum. I would rather be a tuk tuk The driver. What about life? I’m going to know that there are countries that are very special. On the 7th of a week, there are 7 different colors to represent different things, but before it was only limited to nobles. La. Zhong Wen’s old knowledge is new to use 啲咩 to make yarn, the dots must be turned back into the mud, the process of making, the finished product is dotted, and the middle has to be touched. But it is not a picture. To tell the truth, the museum is a bit boring, and there is no false truth. Good mud. But a muddy event, there are many fakes, sometimes I want to go to the side to go, go to the mud to understand. With support, it is called a good deed!"