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Local History in Siena


San Gimignano 1300

72 Reviews
28.6km from downtown
Historical Architecture
Ancient Settlement
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
"An Italian hill town southwest of Florence. Its old town is surrounded by 13th-century walls and is known for its medieval architecture, unique in the preservation of about 12 tower houses. Inside the walls, well-preserved buildings include famous examples of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, and outstanding examples of secular architecture and churches."

Piazza del Campo

104 Reviews
87m from downtown
"The Shell Square in Siena, Italy, is also known as the Field Square. It is free for visitors. It is located in the center of the ancient city of Siena. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the entrance of the ancient city to Piazza Campo. You can also take a local bus, you can reach the station near Shell Square and then walk a distance, which is relatively physical. You can also see local taxis or net cars driving directly to Shell Square, which is more convenient. This also shows that the so-called ancient city is not allowed to enter vehicles, only for foreign tourists, and local taxis or network cars are completely unrestricted. Incoming vehicles are not allowed to enter the ancient city, let alone drive to the Shell Square, can only park outside the city wall parking lot. However, think carefully, if foreign vehicles are allowed to drive directly to the ancient city, all the squares and streets of the entire ancient city will be used as parking lots, and local taxis or net cars will only send tourists to the ancient city, not parked in the ancient city, the impact is much smaller. The so-called shell plaza, which is called shell plaza, is called shell plaza because it is spread out around the center of the sewer at the entrance of Siena City Hall. There are no trees and no shelters on the Shell Square, which is very sunny in summer. It is surrounded by buildings of five or six stories. The whole Shell Square looks like a basin. The buildings around Shell Square are used for various purposes, mainly for hotels, restaurants and shops. The main buildings on Shell Square are the Town Hall and Tower, the first place to be visited by the ancient city of Siena."

Duomo di Siena

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194m from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"Built between 1215 and 1263, the cathedral is an early Italian building. The exterior and interior of the cathedral are made up of white and dark green marble, alternately striped, and black and white is the symbol color of Siena. A second large-scale expansion of the main body of the cathedral is planned in 1339, but the black death epidemic in 1348 brought work to a halt, and the work never resumed. Now the outer wall of the southern cathedral is visible. Climb one of the walls through narrow stairs to enjoy the city's beauty."

Historic Center of Siena

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undefined from downtown
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
"It is exactly the same as imagined. The medieval old town has a sense of vicissitudes. The main color of the building is yellow. The color of the main church is very different. It is very convenient to come from Florence."

Palazzo Pubblico and Museo Civico

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137m from downtown
Historical Architecture
"With a very upright and stable architectural shape, the tower is like a ruler to alert people and overlook them. He faces the Shell Square, the courtyard can be accessed, and the outer wall of the first floor still retains the iron ring to tie the horse."

Basilica of San Francesco

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471m from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"Living a step away from the Basilica of St. Francis, and walking into the church in the evening, I happened to meet Mass. Some believers sang poetry. It felt very sacred and solemn. There are many medieval oil paintings in the church, which are worthy of careful appreciation. The gothic rose window is also a highlight."