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Popular Attractions in Sigiriya

Sigiriya Lion Rock
459 Reviews
Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Sigiriya Lion Rock in Sri Lanka is a palace in the air built on red rock. It is the eighth wonder in the world, and the peak of the Cultural Triangle Project. This World Heritage Site is protected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. In early times, Sigiriya Lion Rock was like a giant, fierce lion. However, due to weathering, only the body remains. Sigiriya Lion Rock covers a large area, including a moat, garden square, giant rock and the rock peak, which are the tourist attractions in Sigiriya Lion Rock area.
Pidurangala Rock
18 Reviews
North 1.5km from Sigiriya Lion Rock, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
Sigiriya Museum
28 Reviews
Sigiriya Thalkotta | Sigiriya Thalkotta, Sigiriya, Central Province, Sigiriya 21120, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Weather

13 Nov 2019
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Mostly Clear
14 Nov 2019
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15 Nov 2019
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16 Nov 2019
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Trip Moments

Posted: 26 Nov 2018
Traveling Sisters   
Lost Kingdom | Sigiriya Lion Rock, Sri Lanka / hh/
On a 200-meter-high rock in Sigiriya, northeast of Dambulla, a Moriiya dynasty The military castle built by King Kassapa was discovered by the British hunter Bell in the 19th century and has since shocked the world.

The castle has been built for 18 years, including the moat under the mountain, the garden square, the cistern, the sky palace, etc., and the scale is huge. According to the data, the reservoir can be used for one year in the palace after being filled with rainwater. When the water level in the pool is too high, the overflowing water will flow from the top of the mountain to the garden below the mountain and will be diverted to different outlets and form a fountain. Drainage is also a beautiful scenery.

After the moat, climbing up the hill, towering lush trees, weathered mottled brick red boulders, steep stone ladders, can not help but marvel, how strong people were thousands of years ago chose to be on the rock Building the kingdom.

After reaching the mid-levels, you will reach the lion's claw platform under the giant rock, and the huge lion claw gate is in front of you! Although it has been weathered and eroded until only the lion's claws are visible, the tour guide gave the flowers a look at the restoration of the city gates. The fierce and majestic lion's head and the lion's claws were incomparable!

, , , The rock-top platform covers an area of nearly 2 hectares. It has a reservoir, a banquet hall, a council hall, a living room for the king and family, and a lost dynasty. It is the scene of the glory.

On the way to the top, you can enter the caves halfway up the mountain to enjoy the precious "half-naked ladies' natural murals". According to reports, there are more than 500 color pictures around the Lion Rock. After being eroded by the wind and rain, there are only 22 pieces that are now visible. The shape of the picture is vivid and the characters are obvious, but the color is not as bright as it was, for a longer time. Save these historical relics, you can't take pictures in the cave. There are replica murals in the scenic area that can be remake.

On the way to the lower palace, there will be a shining mirror wall. It is said that when the king walked, the kings figure could be reflected on the wall, but now only the story and the stone It is.

Flower Tips:
can arrange a 3-hour visit time. There are no trees covering the rain and rain after climbing and climbing the boulder. Pay attention to rain and rain, remember to wear comfortable sports. Shoes or hiking shoes.
Posted: 11 Oct 2019
"The Eighth Wonder of the World, Unveiling the Mysterious Veil of the Orange Red Sky Palace"
Lion Rock is known as the eighth wonder of the world. It is the giant rock dynasty of Skiria, Sri Lanka. It is a sky palace that is truly built on the orange-red rock. Built in the 5th century Datu Shena dynasty, it is said to be the father of the Sri Dashna dynasty Sri Lankan prince Cassie, and his brother Mogaran fled to India. In order to prevent revenge on Mogland, Cassie Boss built the city in "Lion Rock".
Into the Lion Rock, brown land and brick walls, the quaint sense of time came. There are large open spaces and ponds at the foot of the mountain. There are various animals inhabited, and the surprise encounters with the big python. Step by step on the spiral staircase, with frescoes on the "angelic girl" of Sirigiye.
Step by step through the existing 22 murals, slowly climb the summit, the line of sight slowly becomes wider. It is said that it was a palace more than 1,000 years ago, and now there is only one ruin. It is really hard to imagine more than a thousand. How did the Sri Lankans moved the building materials to the 200-meter high platform years ago?
The natural environment of Sri Lanka is very good. Standing on the top platform of Lion Rock, you can see lush trees and monkeys walking around. In the evening, when the sun sets, the entire Lion Rock is dyed with a golden yellow glow. The Lion Rock will weather as time goes by, and it will slowly disappear. If you want to go, it will be early!
Address: Sigiriya, Sri Lanka.
Transportation: Take a long-distance bus and Tuk-tuk from Dambulla.
Ticket: 4,500 rupees (about 30 US dollars).
Opening time: 7
Posted: 19 Jul 2019
youth traveling of Lin   
Got a fake Lion Rock?
It doesn't matter, still a big movie!

Nearly 200 yuan ticket price
foreign attractions are finally proud of a
of course to surpass some of my Greater China attractions tickets / hh / still a little distance / hh / (in order to receive tickets to the scenic spot Specially made an ATM at the foot of the mountain)

So empty tropical jungle landscape / hh / even suddenly stood two boulder / hh / given the air palace on the Lion Rock too many people went / hh / then chose Next to the one-kilometre spare tire

one hairy scenery
Jingmei people less tickets cheap
or the best viewing place of the orthodox stone
like the niche point can climb this piece Anonymous stone / hh / can still produce a lot of large pieces / hh / / hh / [practical information] / hh / traffic: Lion Rock surrounding is very desolate, it is recommended to chartered or take a sudden car to go, of course, Dan Bu La also has a direct bus to Lion Rock / Hh/
Accommodation: Friends who are not on the road can stay in the vicinity of Lion Rock for one night, because the photo is the most beautiful at dusk, it is already 7 o'clock after watching the sunset, the sky is completely black, go far The place is not convenient. This is also the benefit of free travel, and there may not be too many options for chartering time.

Tickets: Lion Rock costs 30 dollars, but here as long as 500 rubles, about 20 yuan, a difference of nearly ten times, many foreigners climb this stone, it seems that at 5:30, it is not allowed to enter the door. The ones that are already on the top will not be rushing, and you will not care about you when you sleep at the top of the stone.

Difficulty: You can climb the top of the stone in 25 minutes. It is much easier to see comments than Lion Rock.
Posted: 5 Apr 2019
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