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Things To Do in Sisteron

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翱翔的大鲨鱼This is the hometown of Cézanne, the great French impressionist painter. As soon as you enter the city, you can see the famous Mihabo Avenue, along with the mansions, cafes, and restaurants along both sides of the avenue. In addition to chasing Cezanne's footsteps, you can also spend the afternoon at the city hall and the big fountain.
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MonkeyoEveryone who buys here can also enjoy a 10[%] discount on the store price, which is really an ideal place to collect Ro-Occitane products. Recommend to have a look. The wide variety of aromatic products here is really fascinating. Crazy female consumers risk their nose failure and shuttle among the fragrances filled with different scents, and rarely return empty-handed.
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01234567890liCable village (Sault) is referred to as "lavender", is Europe''s biggest lavender origin, it is a small town located in about at an altitude of four hundred meters, cable village (Sault) is only more than one thousand people, the whole town, surrounded by lavender flowers. With music, tile centre (Valensole) plain is different here is the mountains of lavender, terrain ups and downs, occurs the steep, winding mountain.
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Ancient Settlement
01234567890liIn the south of France provence, blue sky, full of artistic feeling a lot of small cities and towns. One of them is the clay. As the name suggests, the town was built on clay. The red walls and yellow umbrella safflower green trees, blue sky white cloud formed a picture of a beautiful painting. City (Roussillon) and clay rock just a few kilometers apart, as another iconic resort, attracting nearly ten thousand visitors each year. House because here are all local materials, so all of the house is red, the distance is a built in the red cliff, red fort.
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小鱼儿2015I didn’t go to the Sandy Museum. It’s said that it’s not interesting here. Tickets are calculated in Euros, and they are not cheap in RMB.
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tailor2000Digne-les-Bains is a very beautiful and quiet town. It belongs to the French province of Provence and is also located in the hinterland of the Alps. You can see lavender here in June and July every year, and you can see France when you walk along the road. Other people’s gardens are very beautiful, and some people have outdoor swimming pools. You will feel that this is the real life.

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