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After passing through Tongji, I continued to go north and entered the Shantou Village. Shantou Village has the most spectacular and longest-established ancient eucalyptus trees in East China. There are 10 existing trees. The age of the trees is between 1000 and 1500 years. It is distributed on the banks of the main canal of the first to the third bridge. It has been vicissitudes of thousands of years and silently defended the canal. Becoming a witness to history is also a feng shui tree in the village. When you walk into the village, you can see the tall ancient banyan trees on both sides of the canal. The scattered branches cover the sky and guard the quiet village. Although it is an ancient village, most of them look at antique buildings like modern reconstruction. Commercial development has matured, and there are some small shops along the street. While walking and watching, the ancient banyan trees that are in sight are more spectacular than just one, just sighing and spectacular, and then seeing bigger and higher, people can not help but sigh the miracle and stalwart of life. When you reach the end of the road, you can see Wenchang Pavilion, which is finally a real old building. Wenchang Pavilion was built during the Qing Jiaqing period (1796-1820). The structure is a two-story heavy-duty mountain pavilion-style wooden structure. Twenty pillars are square and powerful. The appearance is octagonal and the top is in the shape of an emerald. Ancestral temple. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Shantou Village flourished in the style of the prosperous period. During the heyday, there were five scholars who were allowed to build Wenchang Pavilion, which symbolizes Changming Confucianism culture. Climb to the second floor of Wenchang Pavilion to see the scenery outside the window. The wildflowers on the tiles grow quite well. Looking at the antique banyan tree from Wenchang Pavilion, the scattered branches are very large. Surrounded by trees, Wenchang Pavilion in the green, it still has a very simple charm, praise. Here is the best point of photography. If you come early, there is no crowd of people who are holding on to it, and you will definitely have a very artistic work.
Wenchang Pavilion, next to the stone letter of Shantou Village, is a two-storey loft built during the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty. It was used as a resting place for the journey. Under the guardianship of the ancient Shu, it experienced more than 200 years of wind and rain. It is said that during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, due to the prosperous local style, many people gained fame and fortune, which was convenient for the Jiaqing Pavilion to be converted into Wenchang Pavilion during the Jiaqing period. Wenchang Pavilion was established at the end of the village to intercept the feng shui, and it is very harmonious with the ancient green water. , built in Qing Jiaqing for three years, the building inside was originally the ancestral temple of the Ye family of Shantou Village. It was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, leaving only the archway in front of the temple. Usually, the plaques are generally used to recognize women's three-four virtues, but it can be seen from the "festival filial piety" on the archway, it is an exception. During Qianlong's reign, the family of Ye's family died prematurely. The wife of only 26 years old provoked the responsibility of raising a family, and cultivated their children to gain fame. The court established this archway to encourage parents in the world to take care of their children and make them a leader. At present, the archway is the Tongji Mountain Villa, there is a farmhouse, you can go in and visit.
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Songyang Damushan Cycling and Tea Garden Scenic Area
In the time when the strong smog hits the capital and the plane can't land, Songyang County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province has one of the largest tea gardens in the country. The purity of the air can relieve the breath of the mouth. Songyang County was built in the fourth year of Jianhan in the Eastern Han Dynasty (199 years) and was the earliest county in Lishui. Songyang is an agricultural county. Tea is the business card of this county. Almost every household is engaged in tea-related industries. A tea garden, how big is it to be called "the country's largest"? In Songyang, the answer is 80,000 mu. Songyang County has more than 120,000 mu of tea gardens, among which the contiguous tea gardens reach 80,000 mu. The most important Damushan tea garden scenic spot has more than 3,000 mu. The hills in the tea garden are continuous, the reservoir is dense, can be riding, or you can take a battery car tour. . In the Damu Mountain Tea Garden, you don't have to be busy to visit. First come to the tea room in the tea garden and taste a cup of local green tea. Tea room is built in the lake, elegant as a cafe, in the lukewarm autumn day, choose to sit at the lakeside teahouse, happy and happy. Through the round window of the tea room, a small island in the lake is like a natural ink painting. The mist on the water surface makes everything become awkward and the concept is far-reaching. In this largest tea producing area in Zhejiang Province, everything is exquisite, whether it is the decoration of the tea room or the selection of tea sets, everything is calm and natural.
Songyang Damushan Cycling and Tea Garden Scenic Area
I have been here in the dream, one side of the soil, a white building, a pot of tea, a lake of green water, a mountain often accompanied by ~ is probably born and loves freedom, packs the bag, pulls my little Smelly fart, come to a "run away" to go away ~ accidentally found in the depths of Songyang Wanmu tea garden there is such a hidden world B&B, mountain, water, breeze, blue brick, tile The frog is called, and it seems to have returned to a hundred years ago. It feels like this is the way life is.~ After Lishui Station, we contacted the B&B in advance. Fortunately, the manager just went to the town to collect fresh food. The ingredients can be picked up by us, so we dont have to take a taxi. We have never seen a scene along the way, but we dont feel strange, the sun shines through the treetops, and the breeze blows through my hair. Close your eyes and enjoy this rare ampoule... Specially happy and elegant, simple and natural environment, and "Floating" is just like what I am yearning for, everything is in my dream, with logs and dead branches , stone, flower arrangement, calligraphy embellishment, light The Chinese Zen blowing. The designer of MolingFloating is Mr. Jian Jian. His position on this three-story Xiaobai Building is to bring art into the country life and melt into the landscape. The only regret is that he has not seen it. Drinking a cup of tea and liqueur, although it has never been masked, it has indeed been a tribute to the people. If you see a person, you must be a good-natured person.
Ruoliao Primeval Forest
The original forest of Zhenan is located in Anmin Township and Fengjing Township, Songyang County, Zhejiang Province. It is dominated by the original ecological landscape. The total area of the scenic spot is more than 40,000 mu, and the forest coverage rate is 95%. It is affected by the subtropical monsoon climate. The unique alpine microclimate environment has always been a summer paradise for people in Lishui and the Yangtze River Delta. The scenic area acts as a natural oxygen bar, with a negative oxygen ion content of up to 100,000/cm3, which is about 100 times higher than the fresh air standard stipulated by the World Health Organization. It is especially suitable for health and leisure. At the same time, the scenic spot has been guided by the principles of earth, fresh, ecological and organic, using local ecological foodstuffs, and launching local local dishes and farmhouse dishes such as bitter tofu, jail tea stewed pig's feet, and For medicinal medicinal liquors such as yew wine and wild mountain kiwi wine, visitors at home and abroad can fully enjoy the food and health culture of color and flavor. Choose here, one is to avoid the crowds of May Day. Second, the most important purpose is to swear by the cuckoo. There are thousands of acres of earthworms, and the ancient times of the "Shilihuahai" monkey head rhododendrons. For this reason, the azaleas are also held every year. However, what I never expected was when the cuckoo in the mountains was already in full bloom. The monkey head cuckoo here has not yet blossomed, and it is inevitable that it will bloom at least until mid-May this year. Of course, you can't be disappointed. Even if there is no cuckoo, it is also a natural oxygen bar. There are clear spring waterfalls everywhere. There are not many key tourists. You can breathe fresh air freely. This is smoggy for us all day. It is also a pleasure for the troubled city people. The scenic area is actually very large and is roughly divided into two sections. There were relatively many tourists in the previous section, about two kilometers. In the latter half of the forest, the forest is more primitive and dense, about one way in about 5 kilometers. The monkey head cuckoo is also deep in the forest. So even if you catch up with the flower season, if you don't have a certain amount of physical strength, you still have no chance.
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