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Mount WarningNearby City

Mount Warning

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Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Watching the sunrise on Mount Warning When I first heard that there is a Mount Warning in Australia, I was very curious about its name. Warning, this name is really interesting. Mount Woning is the best place to enjoy the sunrise in Australia, so we got up early and prepared to climb the mountain to enjoy the sunrise~ the sights checked in and our hotel was booked in New South Wales. We departed from the hotel at 2 in the morning and arrived at the foot of Mount Woning in about an hour. Along the way, I saw winding mountain roads, flowing streams, and steep cliffs. After climbing all the way, I finally reached the top of the mountain and found many tourists camping on the top of the mountain waiting for the sunrise. Together, we saw the first rays of sunlight, unpredictable clouds, and gentle breeze at 6:15 in the morning, just like a fairyland on earth. Feelings of play In Warning Mountain National Park, you can see small animals such as koalas and kangaroos that are common in Australia. They are smart and cute, and they are also very agile. Listen to the beautiful cry of Albert Lyrebird on the mountain and appreciate the unique natural scenery. There are many ring roads and tourist trails in the park. You can choose to walk, ride and drive by yourself~ The exhaustion of the climbing process is swept away after enjoying the beautiful sunrise. I have never seen such a beautiful day. Out! The top of the mountain is a bit cool, so you can bring a thin coat to add clothes appropriately. A pair of shoes that are convenient for walking and climbing are also very important!"
Wild Horse Mountain LookoutNearby City

Wild Horse Mountain Lookout

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"A lookout full of wild beauty——The Wild Horse Mountain Lookout gives me the feeling that it is full of wild charm at all times. Its wildness lies not in how rough, but in the vastness and unrestrainedness, here I always think It is a place relatively close to nature, especially the original ecology. When you climb on the observatory and look into the distance, you feel a lot more relieved at this time, and it is a healing place. The free and easy observation deck in the unrestrained and unrestrained state is not too low. I was very tired when I climbed the observation deck, but seeing the scenery in the distance seemed to be injected with fresh blood. Every cell in my body boiled, not because The scenery is too beautiful, and when you look into it, it is green and full of comfort. Watching the sunset on the mountain is really a gift from the heavens, and you should not miss it. The coffee in this fragrant coffee shop is also highly recommended. I got up too early in the morning and went to his house to sit for a while. The coffee is really special but delicious. It’s near the observatory, very good. Found. Warm reminder quotation time: It took an hour to climb the mountain. Equipment: The original ecology is not easy to walk, but there are many steps. Dining: You can eat below, or you can bring your own food up, depending on your hobbies. Transportation: The transportation is very convenient. , No need to worry"