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About Taichung

Taichung is the economic, cultural and communications center of Taiwan. There are many famous historical sites and ruins, as well as cultural venues here, and it has always had the fine reputation of a “city of culture.” You can take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque scenic areas of Tunghai University campus to experience the spirit of youth and take photos at the uniquely designed Luce Memorial Chapel to remember your trip. Those who like art and history can stroll about in Caihongjuan’s Rainbow Village. The vibrant art and colorful graffiti painted on these military veterans’ houses is unique and special, and is an excellent place to take souvenir photos. If you want to enjoy natural scenery, you can go for a hike in the emerald green Dakeng Scenic Area or the Gaomei Wetlands. Visitors craving delicious food should not miss the mouthwatering sweets of Miyahara, especially since its interior has been redecorated to look like Hogwarts from “Harry Potter”, as well as all the local snacks of Taiwan at the popular Fengjia Night Market.

Popular Attractions in Taichung

Rainbow Village
470 Reviews
Folk Village
Rainbow Village is located near Lingdong University of Science and Technology, Nanxun District, Taichung City, Taiwan Province. It attracts people from all over the world to visit. This is the 87-year-old Rongmin Huang Yongzhen, who is bored in his later life and picks up the brush. The street became a natural canvas, painted a variety of beautiful rainbow lines and cute animals, because of the bold color, cute composition, full of childlike interest, so that visitors are in the rainbow world, so the netizen called "Rainbow Village", yellow Yongzheng is affectionately called "Rainbow Grandpa", and many photographers and young artists will come here to take pictures.
Feng Chia Night Market 
927 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Fengjia Night Market is also known as Wenhua Night Market. It is located in Xiqiao District, Taichung City, with Wenhua Road, Fuxing Road and Fengjia Road. It is a large and famous sightseeing night market in Taiwan. Fengjia Night Market has many innovative snacks, such as octopus, large intestine, small intestine, crepe, iced candied haw, lazy shrimp, kumquat lemon juice and fried noodle bread.
Gaomei Wetlands
580 Reviews
Sightseeing Tours
Gaomei Wetland is located in Taichung. It has a small area and has a variety of ecological habitats such as muddy, sandy beaches, tidal streams and grasses. It is diverse in nature. Every winter, a large number of migratory birds pass south to avoid the cold and winter. It is the beauty of the beautiful wetlands. one. Entering the Gaomei Wetland, two rows of huge wind power vehicles are in sight. There are not only migratory birds in the Gaomei Wetland, but also many fish, crabs and other creatures. In the “Chaoxi District”, we can observe the hatching of migratory fish, and the “slow-flow zone” allows the fry to grow safely. The shellfish and hermit crabs coexist peacefully.
Miyahara Ice Cream
535 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Miyahara Ice Cream was originally an old brick-and-wood house. During the Japanese occupation period, it was an eye clinic opened by Miyahara Takeshi. Later, due to natural disasters, it caused serious structural damage and was almost demolished. Fortunately, it was bought by Taichung’s well-known dessert brand “Sunrise Group” and was retained. At present, Miyahara Ice Cream is the flagship store of Sunrise Group. Miyahara Ice Cream has become a paradise for dessert lovers. The whole building is full of seductive sweetness, whether it is pastries, ice cream, chocolate, milk tea, iced goods, coffee. Even traditional Taiwanese cuisine has a different taste.

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Trip Moments

Taichung Gaomei Wetland. This place was one of the destinations I wanted to arrive when I first came to Taiwan. However, because of the inconvenience of transportation, I did not make this trip. So, I came to Taiwan for the fourth time. I went to Taichung for the second time and decided to rent a car. I came to Gaomei Wetland just to watch the sunset. The beautiful sunset can be seen from any place, but this is so far the most magnificent and beautiful sunset I have ever seen. The Gaomei Wetland is formed by years of accumulated silt, including ecological habitats such as tidal streams, swamps, beaches and mud. In the snoring of the shutter, the clouds in the sky are constantly moving, fand sky changes its color from golden to orange-red, then orange to red, and these changes the shade in the water. While the windmills in the distance give you a different view.
Posted: 30 Mar 2019
When the sky and the wetland are perfectly combined, there is a dreamland where the lake is like a mirror and the water and the sky are connected. This place, such as the natural environment, is located in Qingshui Town, Taiwan. Due to the establishment of the Gaomei Seawall, accumulated silt has been formed for decades. The Gaomei Wetland has a good ecological environment. There are a lot of wetland animals here. Crabs, shellfish and birds can be seen everywhere on the beach. The sunset of is the most famous landscape here. When the weather is fine, you can always see the magnificent sunset the sun slowly approaching the sea level, gradually picking up its With the brilliance, the entire beach was slowly dyed orange. Under the dreamy orange color, young couples hold hands and leave the best memories on this most beautiful wetland. This is the shooting place of the photographers. The light and the scenery are against each other. It is like a landscape painting. The people in the painting the beach, the hardworking fishermen, under the mapping of the afterglow, step on the water surface. The afterglow of the light ended the hard work of the day. Occasional group of Taekwondo teenagers, on the beach, enjoy the youth and enthusiasm. The newlyweds are here to record the romantic memories of two people, the gentle wind blowing the gentle and pleasant you, like the pure love of each other. When the sun sets, the sky is rendered red, projected on the wet ground, pulling out a long light and shadow, just like being at your fingertips, but out of reach
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