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About Taipei

Taipei is the heart of Taiwan, featuring convenient transportation and a number of attractions that make it a first stop for visitors to Taiwan. Taipei 101 and Taipei National Palace Museum are two of Taipei’s landmark attractions. From the top of 101, visitors get a gorgeous night view of the entire city, while a visit to the National Palace Museum offers a profound experience of Chinese traditional culture. Taipei is also famous for the gourmet snacks available in its dazzling night markets, each with their own special characteristics. Among them, Yongkang Street is a veritable paradise for foodies. Literary enthusiasts come to Taiwan for the variety of independent bookstores in the area surrounding National Taiwan University and Taiwan Normal University. Huashan and Songshan Cultural and Creative Parks are also popular destinations for tourists of all tastes.

Popular Attractions in Taipei

Taipei 101
4,914 Reviews
Modern Architecture
Observation Deck
The Taipei 101 Building, which integrates offices, an observation deck, and a shopping mall, is a landmark in Taipei and one of the must-see in Taipei. Every year, the New Year’s Eve party in Taipei is centered on the fireworks show of Taipei 101. The New Year's fireworks and the surrounding New Year's activities attract hundreds of thousands of people every year, making it a world famous New Year's event.
Taipei Palace Museum
7,637 Reviews
The National Palace Museum in Taipei is a must-see museum in Taiwan. It houses a collection of Chinese cultural relics, such as bronzes, paintings, ceramics, books, and handicrafts. It covers almost 5,000 years of Chinese history and is known as “the treasure house of Chinese culture”. The gift shop in the National Palace Museum in Taipei is also very popular where you can buy souvenirs.
3,613 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Ximending is known as the “Harajuku” in Taipei and is a paradise for the “Japanophiles” in Taipei. Ximending is Taipei's first pedestrian commercial street that sells various popular Japanese books, records, and costumes. It has become a representative of a youth subculture and a place for international tourists to visit. Ximending is also a famous movie street that is a good place for watching major movie premiers. Almost every weekend, there are small concerts, autograph signing events, albums release events, as well as various movie promotions and street performances.
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
2,286 Reviews
Memorial Hall
Located in the center of Taipei, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is designed mainly with Chinese gardens. The windows are classical and elegant, and the buildings are decorated with blue and white, which symbolizes freedom and equality. The ground floor is mainly an exhibition room and a screening room, displaying Chiang Kai-shek's life story and clothing, and a bronze statue of Chiang Kai-shek. The changing of the guards at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall every hour has become a center of attraction for tourists. The guards are steady and solemn, as is those watching the ceremony.

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Trip Moments

Taipei’s iconic building, Taipei 101, makes for a beautiful sight. To get there, I took the MRT Xinyi Line from Taipei Station to Xiangshan Station. I climbed to the highest point of the Xiangshan Mountain and then climbed onto a boulder. From there, I was able to photograph a night panorama of the Taipei 101 building. You can climb to the very top of the mountain, step by step, by taking the Taipei MRT Xinyi Line to Xiangshan Mountain. Then you walk to the mountain trail. The two best viewing spots are the Yixian Pavilion and the Six Giant Stones. What’s more, the lights in the Taipei 101 building are a different colour every night. From Monday to Friday it is lit red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple respectively. 
Posted: 19 Dec 2016
Which is the highest place in Taipei? A city always has its own city landmarks. When I visited the urban area of Taiwan, I saw a tall building, the Taipei 101. It is considered to be the tallest building in Taipei, just like the Oriental Pearl of Shanghai. You need to go up to the fifth floor to buy tickets. They cost NT$600 and HKD120. From the fifth floor, it takes only 37 seconds to reach the highest point, which is about 380 meters. It moves at an average rate of 10 meters per second all the way up to the 89th floor. Here, there is a 360-degree view from the Panoramic Viewing Platform, allowing you to see Taipei without anything in the way. There is a huge screen that features notes that talk about the different famous buildings in Taipei. You can visit Taipei as per your needs. 
Posted: 10 Dec 2018
Taipei's most worthwhile aerial project: "Cat Air Cable Car"! The first cable car in the city of Taipei includes sitting in a carriage for about 17 minutes. There are two types of cable cars. The ordinary cable cars and the crystal cable cars. The bottoms of the crystal cable cars are fully transparent tempered glass, allowing you to see through it. You can have a cool view of the mountains. The crystal car can be reversed, but it still needs to wait for about 10 of the ordinary cable cars to come along.  When the sky is clear, you can see the Taipei 101 building in the city centre from the cable car. It is recommended to go during the day time, not only to enjoy the beautiful pastoral trails, but also to see the blue sky and white clouds! After the cable cars came up, the tea houses on Maokong Mountain became a favourite of the Taipei people. The smaller and larger sightseeing tea gardens around it became the most special leisure time on this hill. 
Posted: 9 May 2019
The Taiwan Night Market is a place where everybody gathers to enjoy the Taiwanese food culture. It is a must visit for every tourist or visitor. When I first saw the Ningxia Night Market, it was already too late to take the turn to enter. When I look at the picture that I took of it, I feel as though the group I was with might have been very loud and had disturbed the lady in it. She had looked down at her hand, and then looked up just as I clicked the picture. I don’t even know if she is a Taiwanese or a tourist like me. Our journey was long, however, and if I missed it, then I missed it. 
Posted: 17 Dec 2018
Yangmingshan Xiaoyoukeng Located in the northern suburbs of Taipei, Yangmingshan is a famous tourist attraction in Taiwan. With a total altitude of 1,120 meters, it is especially famous for its hot springs. It is found on the west slope of Qixing Mountain, also known as the Sulphur Valley. It has become the main representation for Qinxing Mountain. The heat that comes from the underground sources of the dormant volcano makes the heat in this area very strong. There are strong sulphur ejections that jet out from the parts of the earth’s crust that are thinner. You can come here to enjoy the activities of the dormant volcano, a string of beautiful sulphur crystals and listen to the sound of the shooting jets.  How to get there? 1. Take the 108-tour bus in Yangmingshan Qianshan Park. 2. Take the Royal Passenger Transport "Taipei → Yangmingshan → Jinshan" route on Park Road in Taipei and get off at Xiaoyoukeng Station.
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