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Yihe Hotspring Resort
The weekend in my eyes is a family day. I have to arrange at least one short trip for the whole family in one month. four people and two dogs, just a car, a trip to go and go from Guangzhou, the purpose It is the southernmost Taishan North Steep Town in Guangdong Province 3 hours without traffic jams. It can escape from the city's reinforced concrete and come to the quiet countryside North Steep Town Linhai. The geographical position is superior, the scenery is beautiful, the folk customs Simple, not overexploited here, is the best place for family leisure live: Northmost town at the southern end of the beach has many family homestay, the one I live in is called Bi Tao Xuan, can carry pets ~ This is a priority when we choose accommodation. The private terrace of the room faces the sea and the beach is accessible through the restaurant. B&B owner is super eager, please drink beer at night (the boss is too good, I admit defeat) eat: come to the beach must eat seafood! It is not the peak season, and after the closure of the sea, the seafood variety is more abundant and the price is more affordable! Every day, the fishing boat will go out to sea to fish the freshest seafood. You can go to the beach to find the fishermen to buy it back home, or you can choose it directly at the hotel. Prices are not much different. Recommended dishes: 1, garlic steamed lobster (with garlic flavor, will not destroy the flesh of the lobster itself Q bomb) 2, steamed grouper (smooth fish on the steamed fish Oyster sauce, delicious) 3, Taishan Baiyuyu Taishan is the country's best quality oysters, large in size, fleshy and delicate, showing porcelain white, so it is called white jade. This kind of superior quality plus garlic barbecue feels a little wasteful, it will destroy its own sweet taste, so the locals generally bring porridge. If you want a variety of flavors, try adding onion ginger. 4, salt and pepper prawn (I taste more heavy, in fact, it is delicious) 5, onion ginger crab, boiled sea shrimp (sea shrimp is slightly larger than ordinary base shrimp, meat is more delicious) / Hh/6, sea urchin steamed egg, or sea urchin fried rice is a good choice 7, black pepper cowboy bone (do not love seafood friends do not worry) there are many farmer's fruit stalls on the road, so the fruit is still rich after dinner ~ I buy To the ultra-cheap farmer's jackfruit, only three dollars a pound (before peeling, apply a little oil on the hand, the glue of the jackfruit will not stick to it) play: surrounding large farmland, golden rice The photo is very beautiful! You can also try a water project, or rent a boat to go fishing in the sea, lazy to the door or take a walk on the beach.
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