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Top Things to do In Taishan 2021



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Xiachuan Island Wangfuzhou Tourist Area

Xiachuan Island Wangfuzhou Tourist Area

4.4/52,079 Reviews
Open from 09/11-04/15,8:00am-5:30pm;Open from 04/16-09/10,8:00am-6:30pm (Local time)
"Xiachuan Island is located in Taishan City, Jiangmen, Guangdong, 15 kilometers away from Shanzui Port and 50 kilometers away from Taishan City. The surrounding seas of the island are Mangzhou, Pingzhou, Shuijianzhou, Shanzhuzhou, Wangfuzhou, Huangzhouzhou, and Ying There are 14 small islands including Zhou, Huazhou, Sogan Island, Pipa Island, Huangcheng Island, Guanyu Island, Bijia Island and Niu Tezhou. The coastline is 187 nautical miles and the annual average temperature is 23 degrees Celsius. Among them, Wangfuzhou is a well-developed tourist center, and the beach will not feel cold when it is launched for about 8 months (April to November) a year. Due to the abundance of seafood and fruits on the island, Xiachuan Island is also known as the “food temptation” of the “four major temptations of Guangdong holiday islands”. Recommended gameplay: 1. Play in the coconut grove on the beach. The beach on Xiachuan Island is very flat and long, so you will not see the sight of other beaches "dumping down". Many hotels are close to the beach. The beach is open for free and life jackets are provided for free. Therefore, at any time you can go to the beach to get water, chase, play, pick up shells... or drink, smoothies, and eat fruits in the coconut grove. As long as you want, you can be so happy to "fly". Those who like photography, just put POSS, no one will fight with you. 2. Ride around the island. Xiachuan Island is quite large, and there are free environmentally friendly battery cars to pick up and drop off restaurants, restaurants, and playgrounds in Wangfuzhou. If you like to ride on your own, you can rent a motorcycle for 100 to 200 yuan/day, or a bicycle for 20 yuan/day. The range is too large and there are many uphills. It is recommended to rent a motorcycle, but you must pay attention to safety. 3. Ascend. Guanyin Mountain on the island has Guanyin Temple, Dragon King Temple, and climbing stone. Guanyin Temple can make wishes for marriage, Longwang Temple can ring the bell to pray for blessings, and climb the stone to have a bird's eye view of the island. It is a favorite of hikers. 4. Watch the sunrise, sunset and stargazing. The beaches on the island have a wide view. It is very convenient to watch the sunrise and sunset on the beach. Some people like to watch the sunrise from the highest point. Those who like stargazing are best to go to other sandbars, because the lights of Wangfuzhou Hotel are too dazzling. 5. Entertainment. Wangfuzhou Recreation Center is known as the "Pearl of the South China Sea". It provides one-stop supporting services for food, accommodation, travel, and play. There are paragliders, speedboats, jet skis, water beds, rubber boats and other recreational facilities at sea. Going abroad, here has all the seaside fun elements of Southeast Asian islands. 6. Foodie heaven. The seafood and fruits here are obviously much cheaper than the seasides in Huizhou, Shantou, Shenzhen, and Zhuhai, so let’s eat them. 80 yuan per person, you can eat and walk along the wall. Practical tips: If you want to play on Xiachuan Island once, I think it will take at least 3 days. If there is not enough time, it will not be difficult to come again next time. Per capita consumption: 300 yuan/day. Detailed address: Xiachuan Island, Taishan City, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province Suitable for: family, parents, friends, girlfriends, seaside enthusiasts, photography enthusiasts. Recommended star rating: 5 stars" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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