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About Taizhou

Taizhou is a city in Zhejiang which is best known for Tiantai Mountain. It is a famous historical and cultural city near the sea. It is famous for its magnificent natural scenery and rich cultural landscape. Tiantai Mountain is the birthplace of the Tendai School of Buddhism. It is also one of the holy mountains of the South Sect of Chinese Taoism. The mountain is full of ancient temples and the whole scenery is as enchanting as a fairy tale. Linhai Ancient City already has more than 2,000 years of recorded history. At the mouth of the Ling River, the surprisingly well-preserved Eastern Jin-era-built city walls have spent centuries resisting the fierce forces of ocean and river. They have come to be called the "Great Wall of Southern China"

Popular Attractions in Taizhou

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Shenxianju is located in Baita Town, Xianju County. It contains almost all the essences of Xianju. Every mountain, river, cliff, cave, stone or peak has its own uniqueness, as if they are the bonsai scenery the gods have designed for their own mansion. Shenxianju is one of the classic large-scale volcanic rhyolite landforms in the world. Its landscape is rich and concentrated, with more than 100 scenic spots. The valley of Xiqiao is at the center and the peaks, cliffs, streams and waterfalls are formed around it. There are four large heavenly gates in the east, west, south and north. The heavenly gates are composed of two dangerous peaks that stand opposite each other, as if they are the hosts welcoming their guests.
Taizhou Qiongtai Xiangu Scenic Resort
2,346 Reviews
Taizhou Qiongtai Xiangu Scenic Resort of the Immortals is located 8 kilometers northwest of Tiantai County in Taizhou, Zhejiang. There are beautiful lakes and rivers in addition to gorgeous mountains. Here, you can walk along the precarious Lingyun Plank Road, see the unique formations of the mountain peaks, stroll along the Lingxi, and enjoy the strangely-stacked rocks in the rivers as well as the verdant valleys.
Tiantai Mountain Scenic Spot
524 Reviews
The Tiantai Mountain Scenic Spot is famous for being the cradle of the Tiantai Sect of Chinese Buddhism and also the home of the South Sect of Taoism. It is also the hometown of the Monk, Ji Gong. The Guoqing Temple on the mountain is famous nationwide. The Tiantai Mountain is well-known for its rocks, cliffs, and waterfalls. The masterpiece, Shiliang Waterfall is the most famous and its beautiful scenery has mesmerized many scholars and poets.
Taizhou Fucheng Cultural Tourism Zone
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Cultural Experiencial Area
Taizhou Fucheng Cultural Tourism Zone lies near the Jiangnan Great Wall at Linhai. The highlight of the tourist area is the Jiangnan Great Wall. In the mountains there are places of interest such as fortifications, the Chenghuang Temple, Qi Jiguang Memorial, and Puxian Temple. At night, you can climb the Great Wall and take a stroll along the open section by the river, while watching the reflection of the lights on the water, and calling to mind Taizhou's classical charm.

Taizhou Tours & Tickets

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Trip Moments

Shiliangfei Waterfall is located in the Tiantai Mountain, 22 kilometers north of Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province. It is the essence of the East Tang Dynasty poetry road. Shiliang Waterfall is also an iconic attraction in Taizhou. The source of the name of the Shiliang Waterfall is particularly easy to understand. A stone beam spans between the two mountains. A waterfall passes under the stone beam, hence the name Shiliangfei Waterfall. Navigation The Shiliang Waterfall can go directly to the scenic spot. There are many mountain bends along the way, and the road is wide. The old driver has basically no problem. There is a paid parking lot at the entrance of the scenic spot. After arriving at the scenic spot, starting along the scenic trail, the first attraction is the small copper pot waterfall. The waterfall is not very large, and it is not majestic, but it has the beauty of Xiaojiabiyu in Jiangnan Water Town. Early autumn season, the maple leaves in the mountains have not completely turned red, and the whole scenery is still carrying the summer tail, but it will not be long before, it should be another scenery. In the creek between the valleys, a boulder is engraved with "Fahua Chenguang", which is like a seal. Don't miss this spot while walking. The whole scenic spot is located between the valleys, the meandering stream, down the slope, the scenery is beautiful. Approximately 40 minutes walk from the entrance of the scenic spot, you can reach the most essential part of the scenic spot, Shiliangfei Waterfall. Compared to the waterfall that I saw before, the Shiliang Waterfall is more spectacular. The rushing water rushes down from the top of the mountain. The sound of the water is deafening, splashing into the pool water and swelling. Shiliangfei Waterfall Scenic Area is 4A level scenic spot, tickets 60 yuan
Posted: 15 Dec 2018
Shiliangfei Waterfall is the most shocking landscape in the scenic spot. Go to the edge of the pool and look at the waterfall. The natural stone beam spans the foothills of the two mountains. The beam is nearly two meters wide and about ten meters long. The upper end of the waterfall is a white water flow. After the cliff, it is hit by the mountain rock and becomes a dense waterdrop. Falling down. The rushing waterfall will smooth the stones that flow through it, and the texture is excellent. The plants on both sides are blown by the huge impact of the waterfall. Shake, the water of the waterfall emerges from the deep pool, forming a winding mountain stream, walking down the stream, the stream is interspersed between the sand and the stone, like a bird in the mountains. The turbulent water is clear and transparent, bringing coolness. It just flows in my heart, and a piece of coolness flows into my heart, and the heat is gone. The calamus on the edge of the stream is so lush and green. The beggars in the forest screamed softly, breaking the solitude in the valley. The beetle hides in the shadows and enjoys the coolness. The blue tail of the skink is particularly conspicuous in the deep, shallow green. [Traffic]: 1. Shiliang Scenic Area can be reached from the tourist car in the tourist center from the scenic spot. 2. The Tiantai Bus Terminal will take the 7th road to the Guoqing Muyushan parking lot to purchase tickets, and transfer to the tourist bus to Shiliangfei Waterfall. 3. In the city center, take the 5th road to Laoqing Muyushan parking lot on the Labor Road, and transfer to the bus to Shiliangfei Waterfall.
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