Taupo District
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Things To Do in Taupo District

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pxy0705Lake Taupo is a very beautiful lake near Queenstown, New Zealand. The area of the lake is very large and the lake is very clear. Lake Taupo is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is also a great place for camping and sleeping. At the same time, you can also ride a bicycle around the lake, or kayak around the lake is a very good choice.
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derricHuka Falls is located in the lower reaches of Taupo, a large low lake in central New Zealand. After the clear lake water formed the Waikato River, it suddenly narrowed and suddenly flowed through the cliffs where Huka Falls is located, forming a waterfall river that crosses the cliff. The waterfall formed Huka Falls is a combination of magnificence and beauty. The color of the water is blue-green, completely pure water. All the colors are very beautiful, and the general waterfall is from top to bottom, sloping down, Huka Falls is sprayed horizontally It shows its unique feeling alone
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新雨开心豆Very interesting, there are a lot of small surprises when I go in, which makes me a middle-aged person full of childlike innocence, personally suggest to spend 2-3 hours to play, there is a jet boat next to it~ I love New Zealand so much
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Ornamental Hot spring
112***81The air was filled with a strong smell of sulfur, and white gas emerged from the cracks in the stones everywhere. The entire geothermal hot spring park makes people feel the pulse of the earth we live in, and is also a resource that benefits mankind.
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总爱自己折腾Tongariro National Park is named after this mountain. It is one of the three major volcanoes in the North Island. It is very beautiful. The top of the mountain is covered with snow all year round. Whether it is viewed from a distance or along a hiking trail, it has beautiful scenery and many tourists.
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112***81Hot spring geothermal is only the gentle side of geological movement, and the mountain in front of you is an active volcano. But the beautiful ski resort and the location of the Lord of the Rings movie seem to make people forget its scary side.

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Great Lake TaupoTaupo District,New Zealand

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Wairakei Natural Thermal ValleyTaupo District,New Zealand

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Maori Rock CarvingsTaupo District,New Zealand

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Taupo Visitor Information Centre - International TerminalTaupo District,New Zealand

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Taupo MuseumTaupo District,New Zealand

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Whakaipo BayTaupo District,New Zealand

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