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Georgian National Museum

Georgian National Museum

4.3/516 Reviews
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Open on Mon-Fri, Sun,10:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"The Georgian National Museum is the largest museum in the Transcaucasus region. Although the exhibition area is not too large, for a small country like Georgia, it is already quite good to be able to systematically display the country's history and culture. On the basement floor are ancient gold and silverware and religious relics, spanning from BC to Su Zhan. On the first floor is the Paleontology Hall. As soon as I entered the ancient ape exhibition hall, I was immediately shocked by dozens of restored ancient apes and ancient human skull fossils. The second floor is the exhibition hall during the Soviet occupation period. The screen near the entrance shows the video of the 2008 South Ossetia War in a loop, accusing the war of the brutal persecution of innocent civilians. The overall design of the exhibition hall is dimly lit and a gloomy environment. Even the prison door was used as a part of the decoration of the exhibition hall, showing the entire history of the Su Occupation period through photos and text. The third floor is the Oriental Art Gallery, which exhibits some Chinese and Japanese cultural relics. The museum can take pictures, and the staff will not stop it. Many cultural relics are displayed naked without the protection of a glass cover. Since there are very few tourists, it is convenient to appreciate various cultural relics up close."