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Teng County

Things To Do in Teng County

Shibiao Mountain
117 Reviews
莞邑虎岭Overall great, I went last year and sometimes the trip was just a release of the mood, like a fish that was underwater, feeling bored before the thunderstorm arrived and eager to breathe. Away from one city, to another city, whether it gives you a good or bad feeling, but a little constant, for the unknown landscape, we always hold the puppet and curiosity.
6 Reviews
Historical Architecture
M39***05Taojia Village is located by the Beiliu River in Xiangqi Town at the southern end of Teng County, Guangxi. It is 61 kilometers away from the county seat and 120 kilometers away from downtown Wuzhou. It can be reached by the second road from Rong County to Teng County.   Daojia Village is an ancient waterway station and the residence of Doujiasi. The village is located at the intersection of Beiliu River and Siluo River, surrounded by mountains and rivers, and green bamboos form forests. The Danxia landform forms many scenic spots, and it is the place where the Danxia landform in Guangxi combines best with water. It is divided into Shibiao Mountain, Jiangchong Lake, Dahechong, Lianghe, Fulongzhuang and one of the ancient architectural scenic spots. There are ancient wharf, banyan tree, ancient stage, Sizhitang, Shibiaoshan, Fuchuan Chau, bronze bell stone, Wangjiang Pavilion and other scenic spots.
Qilou Buildings
388 Reviews
Historical Architecture
社会颜色The Arcade City is located in the old city of Hedong, Wuzhou, Guangxi. There are 22 existing arcade streets with a total length of 7 kilometers and the longest street up to 2,530 meters. There are 560 arcade buildings. The scale and number of arcade buildings are rare in China. The arcade buildings are mainly distributed on Dadongshang Road, Dadongxia Road, Shajie, Danan Road, Xiaonan Road, Sifang Road, Wufang Road, Jiufang Road, Nanhuan Road, Dazhong Road, Guilin Road, Guibei Road, Beihuan Road Road, Minzhu Road, Jianshe Road, Zhongshan Road and other streets.
Daojia Sand Beach Park
4 Reviews
独旅独游About an hour later, I went down the mountain, because I bought a package ticket. Ishibiao Mountain plus beach park package is 80, and it costs 60 to go up the mountain. I bought the package with the instinct of not losing money. After watching the sea of clouds, I bought the package. Go to Shibiaoshang Taoist Beach Park. I was not so interested in beach parks, but I didn't expect it to be really pleasantly surprised! Gesang flower, which has the meaning of "good times" and "happiness", is a symbolic plant of Tibetan culture. It has always been thought that Gesang flower can only be found on the plateau. I never expected that a large area of Gesang was hidden in Shibiao Mountain. Flower sea!
Dragon Mother Temple
244 Reviews
Matsu Temple
gz当地向导伊妹儿Wuzhou Dragon Mother Temple, on the banks of the Guishui River, the 38-meter-high Dragon Mother Statue, is particularly eye-catching, interesting, pleasant scenery, fresh air, super cost-effective, good choice, great.
Tianlongding Mountain Park
241 Reviews
gzzggLook at this attraction's rating is relatively low. It is estimated that there is no bus far, you need to drive there by yourself, and 50 yuan tickets. I went today and was a little far from testing the skills by bending all the way. Now the ticket is reduced by half 25 yuan, and the car will charge 10 yuan for parking. We were both the first and second people in the scenic area and there was no car in the parking lot. There are small buses in the scenic spot that can be opened to the mountain attractions. It is ten yuan a way. You can also walk up the mountain. You can walk slowly and walk there for 40 minutes, and the steps are very slow. Not tired at all. We walked slowly and went up. After visiting the whole attraction, we met three or six tourists. Today is Thursday. The weather is also cold, the mountain is very windy, it is estimated that it is also the reason for the small number of people. Having said so many key points, the mountain of this attraction is very beautiful and very special. The sleeping beauty is very imaged, plus the few tourists, I feel very happy and worth it! All five stars praise, give this attraction a little points.

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Daojia Sand Beach Park
Daojia Sand Beach ParkWuzhou,China

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Shibiao Mountain
Shibiao MountainWuzhou,China

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Teng County Weather

Feb 27, 2021
12 ~ 15
Feb 28, 2021
Light rain
12 / 20
Mar 1, 2021
Light rain
12 / 25
Mar 2, 2021
12 / 19
Mar 3, 2021
14 / 17
Mar 4, 2021
Light rain
15 / 20
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Teng County
Feb 27, 2021 Teng County Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:89%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:00/18:38
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