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Things To Do in Tiantai

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不浪不舒服斯基I'll just say that on the way to play, I have an idea to write a review! Online visitors review general, I almost stopped thinking about going to play. Later, because of the chance coincidence resolutely go to "Qiongtai Sengoku." The 65 yuan ticket is less than 100 yuan "Tiantaishan Falls" but the price is not representative, I think the 65 yuan ticket is very worth it! And beyond the expected beauty, there are mountains and water, slow steps, older elders are no problem, walking around can play 2-3 hours, is an underrated scenic spot. I like it very much, I hope to give you a little of your own advice, worth playing, especially afraid of climbing friends. Too good! Ps: I'm not a nurse, but a good man.
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利普施塔特蔺相如Tiantai Mountain High Waterfall Scenic Area is worth a visit, magnificent, continuous. Unlike other waterfalls, which can only be seen from afar, the Tiantaishan Falls are water-friendly, walking up the falls, the falls fall from the sky, flowing straight down, and at your feet, moving around is very interesting.
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帅气的枫枫The scenery of Longchuan Gorge is good. It takes 2 to 3 hours to hike up the mountain. 7D There are two sections of the glass path. One section is a glass bridge and one is a glass path in Yanshan. It is very exciting. Unfortunately, the weather is not very good. It's raining. It's full of fog. But it's not a taste. But the ticket plus glass path is a little pricey but worth the trip.
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Famous Residences
安东都护Ji Gong is a modern retro building, but it is worth going. It is said that the Ji Gong family is not a general dignitary, he even bears royal blood. The emperor of the Song Dynasty's favorite long-distance act married his ancestors, all of them were big officials, distinguished in life, and marriage with the royal family, except the emperor, almost no one dared to provoke. Ji Gong was born in such a prominent family is nothing short of what he gave up all of this, but he also has the power to help the poor to justice, after all, the emperor has to let him three points. There is also a dragon-shaped tree excavated in the Jigong era. It once shared with the public to breathe and touch the fairy gas. There is also a bamboo growing in the tree. The price is not high, it is worth a visit, the tour time is overall superb, half an hour to 1 hour
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安东都护The overall scenery is good. The guides written by others are not practical now. Because there are a lot of places in it are closed, I can't go. You can drive to the top of the mountain, but you can't get in. They are military forbidden areas. Huading Temple suggested that nothing do not go, because the empty space in front of the Grand Palace lay a pile of dogs in the sun, you just stepped into a foot, will have a flock of dogs whining, while galloping to you, in case of bite, never find monks to pay it. No need for any strategy, follow the sign to go up to 1.5 hours and it will end. The scenery is good,
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13611302253Kuninqing Temple is located 3 kilometers north of Tiantai City, Zhejiang Province, along with Jinan Reiwa Ji Temple, Nanjing Susumi Ji Temple and Jiangling Yuquan Ji Temple, called "Tenka four absolutes", is the birthplace of Buddhism "Tendai sect" and the founder of the Tendai sect in Japan. It was founded in 18 years of the Sui Dynasty. The Tiantai sect was founded by the Modern Master Zhi 𫖮 (Master Zhi), which has a great influence both at home and abroad.

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About Tiantai

Tiantai is a county under the jurisdiction of Taizhou City. It is located in the central eastern part of Zhejiang Province and is named after Tiantai Mountain, which lies within its borders. Tiantai County has a long history, is rich in natural resources, and has beautiful scenery. It is a famous tourist attraction in Zhejiang Province. It is home to attractions including Guoqing Temple, Shiliang Scenic Area, and Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area.

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