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Things To Do in Triberg

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乖小咪The Triberg Falls is actually relatively small, and the water flow will be relatively large on rainy days. In autumn, I walked up the mountain along the waterfall, and the whole waterfall descended along the mountain. The upper layers of the forest were all dyed and colorful. You can always meet cute birds and squirrels. The hike feels really good.
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fz570628In order to satisfy tourists' sense of mystery and curiosity about the "Black Forest", Viking Cruises deliberately arranged a detour into the Black Forest mountains during the itinerary. According to legend, in ancient times, many groups of troops entered the Black Forest, just like entering the Ecstasy Formation, and never came out. Since then, people's awe of the Black Forest has become more and more profound and become synonymous with mystery. It was an unexpected surprise to see the beautiful "Mist Pine" in the snow-filled Black Forest.
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乖小咪The town of Triberg is a historic mountain town in the Black Forest region of Germany. The houses here are traditional. The buildings on the German-Swiss border have very local characteristics, and the colors of the outer walls of the houses are also various, looking very bright, like a piece of scattered in the Black Forest Fairy tale world. It's really worth the money to visit.
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m15***71Lake Titisee is a scenic spot on the Black Forest Road. Although it is famous, it is actually quite ordinary, but the small town of Hinterzaten, which is 10 minutes away from Lake Titisee, really surprised us. There are a lot of Swiss cars driving to the town for the weekend, and it is really refreshing to go around the town in the morning.
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泡泡龙他爸Another big cuckoo clock house in Triberg, Weltgrößte Kuckucksuhr, is in the small village of Schonach. When I came to 2015, Google Maps led me to the commercial version. No wonder it didn’t look like it. In 2017, I checked again in Titisee Lake the night before this departure. Google Maps clearly marked this and the commercial version. The big cuckoo clock house hidden between the residential houses is really hard to find if you are not familiar with it. Between the beautiful wooden houses and the grass, you may not be able to respond at the door. The weather was exceptional that day, and the clock house was being renovated, and it seemed to be renovated once in a few years. We arrived at a very good time, waiting for five minutes is the time to ring the bell. In the back garden of the bell house, under the blue sky and white clouds, enjoy all the puppet sports performances. It seems that this place is privately owned. In addition to mechanical devices, there are many Black Forest tourist products to buy, but the scale is small and the space is reserved for the back garden. There is no special commercial atmosphere. The only flaw is that the folding umbrella full of black forest patterns that we must buy that time is an old display item. There may be a problem. The spring power is too large and it can only be taken home. Make a decoration. This is the big cuckoo clock house on the beautiful grassy hillside shown in the travel book photo. I don’t know who is bigger than the other one. The key is that the address is very similar. It is on the west side of Triberg small town. When you pass the bergsee lake at the foot of Triberg Falls, you have to turn left, turn right and you will drive to the center of Triberg town and the waterfall. The commercial clock house has to be three kilometers north from the town center. You must remember this beautiful Big Cuckoo Clock House Address: Untertalstraße 28, 78136 Schonach im Schwarzwald
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珍珍吖头I feel a strong taste of the past in the open-air museum. The furnishings and living utensils in the house convey the hard life of farmers in the past. The large-angled roof is also designed for the snow to fall in the severe winter. The severe winter in South Germany is not Dare to imagine ❄️❄️❄️

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Triberg WaterfallsSchwarzwald-Baar-Kreis,Germany

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Black Forest MuseumSchwarzwald-Baar-Kreis,Germany

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Schwarzwaldbahn ErlebnispfadSchwarzwald-Baar-Kreis,Germany

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