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About Turkey

Turkey, straddling Eurasia, offers visitors a different style of travel. Marvel at the famous Blue Mosque in historic Istanbul and see famed Hagia Sophia, once the seat of Orthodox Christianity. Ephesus, on Turkey’s Aegean Coast, is one of the world’s largest and best preserved ancient Greek cities. Nearby Pamukkale boasts world famous thermal pools with stunning turquoise waters. Sore over Cappadocia in a hot air balloon to admire landscapes seemingly drawn from the lunar surface. Or venture aloft as you paraglide off the Mediterranean Coast near Fethiye. For north to south, east to west, Turkey is a magnificent country.

Popular Cities

Popular Attractions in Turkey

Sultan Ahmed Mosque
1,106 Reviews
Situated on the bank of the Bosphorus Strait is one of Istanbul's landmarks, Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It features a magnificent and eye-catching, enormous round dome. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also called the Blue Mosque, was built under the rule of Sultan Ahmed during the Ottoman Empire. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque derives its name from the more than 20,000 blue ceramic tiles used to decorate its interior. These exquisite blue ceramic tiles are one of the mosque's highlights. The tiles are engraved with rich patterns and Arabic inscriptions, which are the perfect embodiment of the unique features of Islamic art.
Hagia Sophia Museum
995 Reviews
The Hagia Sophia Museum was originally an Eastern Orthodox cathedral in the Byzantine Empire. Its construction began in 537 AD at the beginning of the Middle Ages and then converted into a mosque during occupation by the Ottoman Empire. It has now been secularized and converted into Turkey’s most visited museum, with preserved murals covering the plaster walls. Most have been restored to resemble their original appearance. The building is a true spectacle featuring the overlap of Christianity and Islam, and is a very special site well worth visiting.
The Basilica Cistern
536 Reviews
Historical Site
The Basilica Cistern is located next to the Hagia Sophia Museum and was built under the orders of Byzantine Emperor Justinian. It has a capacity of 80,000 cubic meters of water, served as an underground reservoir used by the Byzantine and Ottoman Palaces and is still in use today. The Basilica Cistern is now a famous tourist attraction due to its historic importance and architectural beauty. In the dim light of the Basilica Cistern, thick Corinthian stone pillars support massive brick vaults engraved with exquisite reliefs. Sometimes you can even find fish swimming about. Because of the unique air of mystery here, it has served as a filming site for both the James Bond installment, “Skyfall”, and Jackie Chan’s “Secret City”.
Dolmabahce Palace
284 Reviews
Istanbul 34357, Turkey

Trip Moments

Turkish food collection, you can't miss it!

Turkey has a wide variety of dishes and is world famous. When you travel in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, forget the well-known international fast food chain and experience the real Turkish food.

!! The first is always the world famous Turkish barbecue!
NO.1 Rotate the barbecue, which is called kebab in Turkish barbecue. The meat is really delicious. It is divided into chicken, lamb, and beef. I personally like to eat chicken. My friend loves to eat beef.
This can be made into meat rolls, patties, and bread. The various kinds of cakes and rolls and breads in Turkey are very fragrant. They are not tasteless. They are very chewy. After ordering the barbecue in the restaurant, the waiter will help you with a lot of starter food, the bread, the cake and the like, and the food can't be stopped.
NO.2 / / / / h 3 fiber barbecue
This is like a scallop in seafood, outside is a shell, inside is meat. There are two ways to cook this kind of barbecue. One is to put it in the shell and bake with the rice, and the other is to take the meat out and mix it with the flour.

!! Turkish ice cream
Jay Chou's new album has a song called "Turkish ice cream"
lyrics is "Turkish ice cream, like a woman's heart, turn around in front of you, but uncertain." It is seen from this sentence that Jay Chou must come to Turkey to eat ice cream often. Because the people of the country are too playful, selling an ice cream will also play acrobatics in front of you. Whenever you think he is going to hand it to you, he will not give it. I also buckled the ice cream to scare you, but it will not fall at all. The natives of the country are not tired of this kind of acrobatics, so I usually don't dismantle him to cooperate with him. The Turkish ice cream is really delicious. Basically, there are 4 balls in the 5 lira, vanilla chocolate, strawberry, mango and everything. I don't know how Turkey's ice cream is done, how can it be so chewy. The usual ice cream is eaten by the cockroach. This can be chewed and eaten. It is so elastic and delicious. Every day, you must punch a local ice cream. There are also a lot of delicious ice creams sold in convenience stores and supermarkets.

!! Rice pudding
Turkish rice pudding, milk is particularly strong, sweet and not greasy, there are meters inside. I ate twice, and the taste is still unforgettable.
Posted: 12 Jun 2019
What is the experience of taking a Turkish hot air balloon?
The town of Goreme in Cappadocia, Turkey is the world's best place to ride a hot air balloon. It is known as one of the world's most beautiful hot air balloon destinations. Every morning, the sky is colorful. The hot air balloon, slowly rising to the sky with the sun, slowly waking up in the air overlooking the city, making people shocked.
1. After arriving in Goreme, it is recommended to stay in a pre-ordered cave hotel, which is the most unique experience in the local area, and its price ranges from tens to hundreds of euros.
2. The scheduled hot air balloon experience must be advanced many days or more, and the temporary reservation cannot be booked under normal circumstances.
3. Hot air balloon prices are not cheap, about 160 euros a person.
4. Hot air balloon has a very big relationship with the weather, but if there is a little wind or more clouds, it will not fly. If you can book a successful hot air balloon, it is a lucky one. It is lucky to be able to fly.
5. The hot air balloon took off in the early morning, so the driver picked us up at 4:30 in the morning, so that it could rise with the sun.
6. The mountain in Goreme's early morning is still a bit cold. Remember to wear some thick clothes to keep out the cold. Hundreds of hot air balloons take off at the same time, the scene is super spectacular!
7. After the hot air balloon falls, there will be a staff member driving to celebrate the champagne, and give you a certificate, there will be a sense of accomplishment!
8. If you stay here for a few more days, even if you don't have a hot air balloon, get up early in the morning, because you can watch the spectacular hot air balloon from a long distance!
Posted: 18 May 2019


Historic Landmarks
Turkey has long been a global crossroads. Straddling Europe and Asia, its lands have seen the rise and fall of vast empires including the Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. This long history combines with pristine natural beauty. Black Sea resorts dot Turkey’s northern coast. Grand cathedrals and mosques line the Bosporus Straits in Istanbul. Picturesque islands are scattered in the Aegean Sea. And ancient ruins coexist with modern luxury along the Mediterranean coast. It is a land for travelers seeking something exotic yet familiar. In this and so many other ways, Turkey is the ideal blend.
William_Whitman   17 May 2019
Landmark Buildings
Religious Institutions
New York
On April 15, 2019, the world was stunned to learn fire had ravaged Notre-Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris. In a matter of hours, centuries of history that had survived revolution, two world wars, and natural disasters was swept from existence. It is with heavy heart we mourn the loss of these cultural treasures.
Dannyboi   13 May 2019
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